Brand Journalist

Brand Journalist


A brand journalist works internally, writing and producing blog posts, videos, photos, webinars, charts, graphs, e-books, guides, podcasts, and more in order to draw a specific audience in. Content production as part of the larger system (we call it Demand Marketing) is a job all its own.

Your job as brand journalist is to put the needs of the audience first. We believe a customer-driven approach to content marketing is the most distinctive way to create a marketing strategy that works.

In addition to content production, your role as brand journalist will also include pitching that content to media outlets, niche publications and industry influencers.

Every great journalist strives to understand their audience. As a result, every time they create a piece of content they remain focused on that specific demographic. Being mindful of your audience - that type of thinking and pressure - allows you to create and promote outstanding work for Onboardly and its clients.


Core responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategizing for Onboardly and its clients on content programs that respective audiences actually want to read, watch, listen to and share.
  • Daily editing, optimizing, writing and feedback of client work,
  • Management of client feedback on editorial schedules and posts,
  • Writing and/or editing of content creation,
  • Facilitating Onboardly’s process for customer acquisition and visibility,
  • Manage workflow, including leveraging external and internal resources to produce results,
  • Contribution to editorial calendars for each client in the Onboardly portfolio,
  • Seek out opportunities to create and contribute work on third party sites and media outlets,
  • Sharing & promoting content on social networks,
  • Suggest improvements to the Onboardly process where appropriate,
  • Self-management on all ongoing deliverables indicated in the Onboardly methodology,
  • Research & identification of opportunities to promote Onboardly and our clients in non-traditional means.

Activities may also include:

  • Contributing to Onboardly blog, Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn presence & other social media sites and communities,
  • Sharing Onboardly & Client content via personal social channels on a daily basis to help encourage distribution,
  • Contributing to any relevant webinar series, remarkable content development, and other inbound marketing activities,
  • Given the nature of a startup, your marketing responsibilities will change from time to time, and may include managing other aspects of the marketing activities of the company organization, including quality online advertising & viral marketing campaigns.


You must be:

  • An expert at getting things done on time and to a high degree of efficiency,
  • A people person and brand enthusiast for Onboardly’s process,
  • Agile and can change plans/direction at the drop of a dime,
  • Awesome, fun and love the startup life!

You must have:

  • Experience editing a large volume of content from different industries
  • Experience at a technology publication or startup environment,
  • Experience creating story angles, pitching and following up,
  • Evidence that you are a top producer (as defined by references, production results, etc.),
  • Minimum 3-5 years of writing/editing experience within a web technologies or agency environment,
  • The ability to manage and exceed client expectations,
  • Experience working with small business owners, startup founders, marketers and executives,
  • The ability to advance the vision of the company,
  • Tons of energy, passion, humor and enthusiasm,
  • Street smarts (as defined by the ability to triage priorities, handle crisis and manage client expectations),
  • A powerful work ethic.


• Head office is in Atlantic Canada though we are open to remote workers as well.
• Starting date: Immediately
• Salaried position (Based on previous experience. Negotiable)

We are enthusiastic about your interest, however only those that qualify for this position will be contacted.

Thank You!
Renée & Heather
Onboardly Co-Founders

Date Posted:
Sep 29, 2014 12:02 PM PDT

Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

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