Build and Release Engineer

Build and Release Engineer


Put your release management skill set to work by developing and maintaining a build environment, a source code control system, and an issue tracking system. As the Build & Release Engineer; you will create and test builds, resolve issues, apply labels, and communicate build status. You will build scripts and installation procedures while proactively streamlining the build process, which may in turn drive the development and maintenance of an automated build process. You will also assist Engineering Management to select source code management systems as well as other development testing tools. Additionally there may be opportunities to guide and train junior staff members.


• Execute the software application release management lifecycle steps, ensuring all applicable pre-requisites (including approvals) are satisfied at each stage
• Ensure explicit clarity to all stakeholders on what the scope includes - considering fresh software, modifications, retrofits & patches being included into the Software Application Release.
• Architect, Manage and control the source code repository and own Configuration Management Plans.
• Set-up an automated build process for all projects and keep the process consistent between projects/products
• Ensure that developers are notified about broken builds and the developer responsible for the broken build is prompted to make corrections
• Setup and maintain a continuous integration system
• Setup and integrate an automated unit test harness such as NUnit
• Own communication between customers on releases (customers are considered to be internal business departments such as development, QA, marketing, merchandising, executive etc.)
• Create a release plan, including a release back-out plan, and present it to upper management and team managers
• Own deployment of releases to all environments (Dev, QA, Production)
• Promotes continuous release improvement

Expected Outcomes:

1 Month

  • Present an initial plan to the development, QA and IT teams for the Release Management lifecycle steps

2 Months

  • Setup automated build process for all existing projects
  • Document, schedule and implement all configurations to all environments
  • Integrate a unit testing harness into the automated build process

3 Months

  • Release the Continuous Integration system to the organization
  • Own all production releases and be the primary contact point for all releases

6 Months

  • Be the organization’s champion of Release and Build management and enforce best practices for all future releases (configuration and code based)

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • Has a degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • 3+ years of experience as a Release Manager and Build Master in an Agile development environment
  • Knowledge of build tools, Continuous Integration environments, and Unit testing frameworks
  • Experience with TFS and Git
  • DevOps experience
  • Has Excellent verbal and written communication skills and can champion best practice across departments and teams
  • Has Excellent organizational skills

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