Build & Release Engineer

Build & Release Engineer

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BC's Best Company to Work for in 2012, and Techvibes Employer of the Year in 2013.

As a Software Engineer at HootSuite, you'll work on a team of talented and passionate engineers to build and ship industry-leading software that millions depend on -- including 75% of the Fortune 1,000 companies.

We’re looking for a passionate Build Engineer who has experience putting tools and processes in place to enable our Engineers to build, test, integrate, and ship their software. As a Build Engineer, you will often need to build & implement infrastructure and tools -- as such, a proven strong Software Engineering background is desirable.

Read about some of the things we're doing here:


  • Support and improve our tools for automated builds, reviews, tests, and releases.
  • Support and improve our tools for code review, automated integration checks (smoke tests), and metrics (coverage).
  • Focus on simplicity, consistency, speed, and self-service platform tools and services.
  • Collaborate closely with Operations Engineers and QA Automation Engineers.
  • Research new technologies, trends and tools to improve our systems
  • Share your experience and knowledge by “working out loud” within HootSuite and our community

Required Skills & Experience:

  • 3+ years of industry experience in software engineering.
  • Linux systems administration knowledge and debugging skills.
  • Experience with continuous integration, configuration management, build optimization, build automation, and deployment with CI tools (Jenkins/TeamCity/etc).
  • Experience with configuration management and orchestration tools (Ansible/Puppet/Chef), AWS, CDNs (Cloudfront), Apache, MySQL.
  • Strong Git background.

Bonus Assets:

  • Experience with AWS (and VPCs).
  • Experience with OpenStack/CloudStack.
  • Experience with Ansible.
  • Experience with iOS or Android build & release tools -- Jenkins, XCode, Gradle
  • You are keen on new technologies and techniques -- eg. Docker, LXC, Go

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    HootSuite Media, Inc.

    HootSuite Media, Inc.
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