Pound & Grain Digital is seeking a full-time talented developer to join our growing team.

We are looking for someone who:

• Loves to eat, breathe, and sleep code
• Wants to be responsible for programming of websites and mobile websites
• Appreciates great design and wants to make the web beautiful
• Is prepared to work and collaborate in a growing creatively driven company to create stellar web products with pixel perfect and bug-free coding
• Is willing to thrive under any challenging development requests and timelines
• Is ready to rock and participate with the team for ideation, pitches, estimates, and proposals

The ideal candidate must have:

• 2-3 years development experience in web technologies, specializing in HTML5/CSS JavaScript, jQuery, and Ajax.
• No fear of working with PHP and MySQL databases or the ability to create incredible sites in WordPress or other CMS systems, like SilverStripe, or even Joomla.
• A portfolio that showcases heavy craftsmanship and emphasis on quality and a willingness to ensure that project can’t ship until we’ve tested it in IE – something you can test in multiple browsers and crush the bugs that come up.
• The coding chops to work with various social API’s and social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Vine, Google and create HTML Emails using 3rd Party Email systems such as Mail Chimp.

Would be really exciting if you were:

• Interested in developing apps for Facebook, phones, tablets, the web, and even just for our own quirky and selfish amusements.
• Able to communicate well in 140 characters, actual sentences, face-to-face, could show up for work before 9am, and also liked coffee and beer.

Date Posted:
Jun 7, 2013 2:43 PM PDT
Pound & Grain

Pound & Grain
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