DevOps Systems Engineer and Evangelist

DevOps Systems Engineer and Evangelist

As our Systems Engineer, you will be working alongside a team of kick ass software developers eager to increase their adoption of devops culture. The team will look to you for recommendations on instrumenting our apps to understand how they perform with all of the other pieces in the stack.

You will be responsible for the following:

  • Leading the charge on the development of templated project environments. Developing and maintaining a library of Chef code to quickly provision vagrant or ec2 environments.
  • Working with Operations staff to develop and maintain templated application stacks in the Amazon Cloud.
  • Application sandboxing and setting configuration and deployment conventions.
  • Experience maintaining Jenkins as a continuous integration server.
  • You can parse logs with sed, awk, and perl, but you also stream them through a log management and analytics platform.
  • Experience maintaining and troubleshooting production environments at scale.

You will possess the following skills and attributes:

  • Side projects. OSS scripts or tools.
  • Involvement in the community through meetups, projects, essays, etc.
  • Fun, interesting, or crazy programming or scripting languages you've played around with.
  • Art, music, games, literature, or anything that fascinates you. We love passionate people.

We don't care about:

  • Every technology you've used since you touched a keyboard (like your former life’s experience with DOA web services, IPX/SPX, Sonet/ATM networking experience, token ring, Banyan Vines, or LANtastic manager experience).
  • Verbose resumes (shorter is better).


We don't really care about your education. Anybody can get a college degree. What we care about is your ability to communicate, get stuff done, and work with a team. If you feel your education helps communicate those traits, tell us about it.

BNOTIONS is a Toronto based innovation company that works with forward-thinking global brands and disruptive entrepreneurs. Our team of 60 focuses on strategy, design, and development of mobile, web and social products. Our approach solves tough problems, overcomes complicated challenges and creates opportunities through innovation. Our deliverables are products and thinking that creates long-term value for our clients, not campaigns that disappear as quickly as their impact.

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Nine to fivers need not apply.

Date Posted:
Oct 2, 2014 10:24 AM PDT

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

BNOTIONS is a Mobile, Data, and Analytics Innovation Firm. They are the partner of choice for organizations with the desire to disrupt through innovation. They deliver large and complex deployments, but are small enough to retain a boutique approach to best-in-breed quality and agility. Their proprietary approach delivers measurable, effective, data-driven product innovation, from strategy to product launch and... more