Embedded System Developer

Embedded System Developer

We here at Nymi are a team of thinkers and innovators aimed at shaping the world of technology through biometrics, authentication technology and our concept of persistent identity. Our current brainchild is the Nymi Band. The Nymi Band is the first wearable authentication technology that allows you to take control of your identity through cardiac rhythm identification. Move past passwords and pins towards a smart system that grants you access to your computer or mobile device just for being you.

We are looking for an experienced, highly-motivated, creative and detail-oriented developer who is interested in owning fundamental challenges to join our firmware team.


● Design, implement, test and maintain firmware for embedded devices.
● Develop application-level communication protocols.
● Implement security protocols
● Establish effective testing and troubleshooting procedures to support mass deployment of company products
● Contribute to the architecture and design of the next generation of Nymi solutions

Skills &Experience:

● Expert C/C++ developer with a clear focus on embedded systems (bare metal or RTOS)
● Experience with low power microcontrollers (ARM M0 and M4 is an asset)
● Knowledge in performance optimization
● Understanding and familiarity with hardware peripheral devices and protocols
● including SPI, I2C, USB, DMA and ADC
● Practical experience in test driven development
● Developed debugging techniques for embedded systems
● Hardware bring-up and troubleshooting
● Thorough understanding and effective use of Data Structures and Design Patterns
● Familiarity with wireless connectivity protocols (e.g. Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth
● Low Energy, Wi-Fi, NFC).
● Practical experience in mobile, desktop or server side applications development
● Experience with laboratory equipment
● Demonstrated drive to achieve aggressive deadlines in a fast paced, rapidly changing, start-up environment

Date Posted:
Jan 22, 2016 1:37 PM PST

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We believe that innovation is rooted in curiosity. We love technology, solving big problems and creating things that are meaningful to the world around us. more