Front End Developer

Front End Developer

WiderFunnel is hiring an advanced Front End Developer!

Location: Vancouver, BC

As advanced javascript/jQuery developer with solid, pixel-perfect HTML/CSS skills, you will be responsible for supporting our clients’ conversion optimization testing by building test variations, and providing split testing and web analytics technical implementation with the support of WiderFunnel’s Technical Lead.
Why work at WiderFunnel?

We are: Grit – Trust – Integrity – Maverick - Curiosity

• Founded in 2007, we are a world leading Vancouver-based CRO agency that is rapidly growing while retaining the feel of an exciting startup/boutique.
• We constantly deliver the best conversion strategy for our clients, bringing them consistent ROI month after month.
• We are a results-driven team focused exclusively on A/B/n via JavaScript injection.
• A stress free, flexible workplace reporting to tech savvy stakeholders.
• A diverse range of projects short and long, large and small.
• We work across a variety of stacks to perform an interesting, diverse range of tasks.
• Professional Development Opportunities.
• A central downtown location, very easily accessible by transit.
• A fridge full of beer/ wine and some good company.

You are: Grit – Trust – Integrity – Maverick - Curiosity

• A talented, friendly and self motivated developer with 3+ years experience in the web design industry.
• You’re comfortable writing vanilla Javascript, HTML, and CSS, and working with a team.
• You have a github account and contribute to online developer communities.
• You’re interested in metric driven UI/UX and think best practice design rules are a myth until proven.
• Interested in responsive, mobile design/development.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Develop front-end code variations for our clients A/B and MVT tests using HTML, CSS and Javascript DOM-manipulation.
• Develop creative solutions for implementing tools such as Test & Target, SiteCatalyst, Google Analytics, Optimizely, and other javascript-based tools.
• Evaluate business goals provided by WiderFunnel strategists and develop tracking & tagging methods to allow our team and the clients’ teams to measure success.
• Perform a technical evaluation to determine if the testing scripts will impact on any existing coding on the site.
• Provide web analytics platform implementation and technical audits, testing technical reviews and testing tool customizations with Javascript.
• Perform quality assurance tests with excellent debugging skills and assist with tracking and improving the results of clients marketing campaigns.
• Develop WiderFunnel’s internal project management and reporting tools and participate in technical R&D projects.

We offer a competitive salary and benefits that commensurate with experience.

Join a collaborative work environment where you have the opportunity to not only drive change within our clients’ organizations but within ours as well.

Date Posted:
Jan 23, 2015 3:01 PM PST

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

WiderFunnel pioneered conversion rate optimization strategies for companies such as Google, SAP, Iron Mountain and Magento using their LIFT™ Model and Kaizen™ Method. They A/B test websites and produce profit lift of 10% to 700%+ Improving our clients' marketing conversion rate and profit. That’s what we do. We eat, sleep, and breathe results. To us, that’s not a cliché—it’s how we believe... more