Full Stack Engineer

Full Stack Engineer

Mobify is looking for a Full Stack Engineer to join our Product Team! As a Full-Stack Engineer you’ll build the software that powers our platform: the infrastructure behind our Web, App, and Messaging products, as well as our distribution network and customer dashboard. You’ll work on all the things, building both the service backends and client code that connects our marketing users to their end customers.

We favour small diffs over big bangs. Successful software development depends on getting working product into the hands of customers as quickly as possible and iterating from there. Feature flags, code review, and continuous integration let us immediately push new code to production. You ship on day one.

This is a great role for an engineer looking to work at the hub of a large, technically complex product. You will be responsible for integrating APIs built by a number of other teams into our dashboard. As well, you will work with a number of engineers across teams to standardize how our services communicate. Want to learn more about how we work?

Check out our developer values or our engineering and culture blogs.

What You’ll Do

  • Delight customers by shipping awesome products
  • Create and maintain scalable, fault tolerant code
  • Discuss, debate and dream with the team about how to improve what we do
  • Participate in customer and stakeholder feedback sessions to help shape what we build

Who You Are

  • You’ve shipped a complex web product
  • You have supported applications in production
  • You have a deep understanding of modern web programming. We write in JavaScript and Python
  • You have previous experience working on single page apps - We’re using React
  • You work best in cross discipline collaborative environment
  • You have strong written and oral communication skills
  • You believe in the web, open source and mobile

Bonus Points

  • Send us a link to a contribution you’ve made to an open source project
  • Share a piece of your writing - Maybe it’s a question or answer on Stack Overflow, a blog post, or a particularly insight tweet
  • Tell us about what you did last year that you’re most proud of

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