Growth Hacker

Growth Hacker

What you are bringing:

  • Ability to think creatively and outside the box on how to grow
  • A track record of creating and optimization conversion funnels (via gaming, SaaS or elsewhere)
  • Strong analytical mindset. We don’t do hunches when it comes to funnels and conversions
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • HUGE bonus points if you are a developer that happens to love this Full-Stack Marketing stuff and can implement your own ideas.
  • You don’t have to be a technical prodigy, but you should be able to point to something you’ve built/done and should be able to build/modify a web page.
  • You are a Marketing Automation System whiz
  • Strong / Expert level SEO tactics and knowledge. You should have a strong opinion on good and bad ways of generating traffic

A typical day:

  • Study important acquisition and sign up funnels and devise tests to optimize them
  • Come up with one creative way to get an influencer to take notice of Top Hat
  • Find out why one of our content campaigns isn’t converting at the rate we expected. Are we driving the wrong type of traffic? Are the clicks not qualified enough? Is the landing page too complex? Not complex enough? Do we need a testimonial on there? Is the content bad or out of date?
  • Get pitched on a really cool idea to drive traffic through some Inbound initiative. Do some research and discover that there isn’t the keyword or search traffic to back that kind of initiative up. Re-frame and re-think the problem, do some more research and validate that your idea is better and has the data to prove it. Present it, get sign-off and go implement it.
  • Run tests and experiment with different email marketing campaigns. What kinds of subject lines will drive open-rates and click-throughs. How can we test these different emails to make sure that we are getting good data. Iterate constantly until we find what works for that campaign.
  • Pop into and have a look at our on-page rankings for a given set of 50-100 keywords. Decide that we really need to make X keyword better and write some content to make it happen. Maybe you decide the project needs some more resources, no problem. You can get our Inbound Content Manager to write it for you or you can farm it out to a trusted contractor.
  • Have a wicked lunch
  • Go for a walk with your boss around the block and talk about cool things you have seen in the industry that day. Or just about life in general.
  • Head back to your desk and find out why your hypothesis for the content campaign isn’t a good one. Come up with a better one and add another variation of the landing page to Unbounce. Setup a test that you will run and check back on it in a few days.

What you can expect from your boss / Top Hat:

  • Freedom and accountability. You will get the trust and freedom you want and need to get your job done, however, you will be asked to project your performance and set goals. Once you set those goals, we will get out of your way, support you and then hold you to them.
  • A startup that’s growing up environment. We are still scrappy. Have a great idea at 10:00am? No problem. Bounce it off the right people and it will be in the wild by 1:00pm that day. However, we have a lot of customers and a reputation to build and protect, so sometimes we will need to make sure that your scrappy idea is as good as you think it is.
  • We will pay you well and offer you options if that floats your boat
  • A desk at our Toronto office. We have a chef, a few couches, some meeting rooms and pretty decent chairs!
  • A really fun and positive team. The Product Marketing / Inbound team is really amazing and unique. We are ex founders and educators and love what we do and it shows. We laugh, we smile and support each other.
  • A company and market that is full of opportunity and growth

Skills breakdown:

  • HTML / CSS - Expert. You don’t use .
  • Javascript - Comfortable with hopes of leveling up
  • SEO - Advanced enough to put together a campaign or tell us why we shouldn’t
  • SEM - Comfortable setting up some CPC text or banner ads
  • Copywriting - Comfortable writing a landing page / blog post if need be
  • Design / UI - You should have good taste. You know good design when you see it.

It would be great if:

  • You have Photoshop / Illustrator basic skills. Can change the colour of things, move around graphics that sort of thing.
  • Have some programming experience in Ruby or Python
  • Have dabbled in affiliate / online marketing programs
  • Have trouble picking which direction you want to go: software or marketing
  • Know who Zig Ziglar is
  • Have a list of personal and professional goals that you would be comfortable sharing
  • Know what GTD is, or have a similar system that works
  • Looks for the best in people and situations.

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