iOS Developer

iOS Developer

The Product

Our innovative mobile and web platform was created on the back of over a year of intensive R&D on construction sites, learning hands on about the pain points experienced on-site. Our Closeout application replaces the existing process of manual data entry for tracking construction site deficiencies. This decreases costly downtime, and greatly improves communication between contractors on-site.

Bridgit is changing the way the construction industry works. And we’re doing it fast.

The People

We’re a small team working hard on a product we believe has massive potential. Being small, communication between teams is open and fast. This gives us a short feedback loop, allowing us to iterate quickly and make decisions. Rather than being just another face, you will be making major contributions to the design and direction of our product.

Our user base is atypical, resulting in some interesting (and challenging) design problems. The construction industry has been largely ignored by tech for many years, and for many of our users, ours will be the *very first app they ever use*. This is an amazing opportunity to create a product that delights your users and genuinely makes their working lives better.

The Environment

We don’t set strict work hours, and are happy to work around your life, whether that’s children, hockey practice or attending local MeetUps. We’re moving into a new (brand new, in fact) office space in the Tannery in August, so when you’re at the office you’ll still be close to downtown Kitchener and all its amenities.

The Work

In a typical day you might:

  • Mock up a wireframe for a new feature
  • Provide input on changes to the API and how they will affect you as a client-side developer
  • Contribute to an open-source project
  • Plan out how to integrate a new feature
  • Design a new method of interaction in order to solve a unique problem for our users
  • Interview a potential new developer or co-op student
  • Develop a new feature along with associated unit tests
  • Do a code review

While that all sounds great, what about our tech? All our code lives on GitHub, and we use Pivotal Tracker to track our features and bugs. HipChat is our internal communications tool of choice, and these 3 pieces all talk to each other – you can finish Pivotal issues directly from GitHub, and get notified of new commits and pull requests within HipChat.

Our backend is Ruby on Rails running on Heroku. For iOS development we’re using technology such as TestFlight, Aviary SDK and the RestKit library. We support iOS 7+.


So what about you? Ideally you’ll have most of the following, though we value your ability to learn and adapt more than any specific point on this list:

  • 2+ years development experience
  • experience with a couple of the libraries we use
  • a CS or other relevant degree
  • an app published on the store
  • a desire to see your code in the hands of real users
  • iOS testing experience would be a bonus
  • open source contributions and side projects are nice, but not necessary

    Date Posted:
    Jan 14, 2015 12:51 PM PST

    Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

    Bridgit is bringing the power and flexibility of mobile devices to the construction site. By improving communication between contractors through trackable, and tagged multimedia messages, Bridgit will eliminate many of the costly delays that result from miscommunication on site. Bridgit boasts the title of the only Canadian company building mobile tech to better connect onsite and offsite teams. more