Junior Content Marketer

Junior Content Marketer

This role is all about creating engaging and interesting content that helps our prospects understand their challenges with greater clarity, and leads them towards our solution as the best choice. We rely on delivering actionable insights, challenging the status quo and providing unique perspectives on commonly-held industry beliefs and trends.

Primarily, content will take written formats - eBooks, blog articles, reports, whitepapers and other similar formats, as well as webinar content development and preparing conceptual content pieces for polish by a graphic designer (ie infographics, diagrams). In this role you will have the opportunity to collaborate with an in-house video producer and be instrumental in developing concepts and scripts.

You’ll be reporting to the Senior Product Marketing Manager, who will provide guidance and coaching, and help you develop and grow in the role. You will be joining an established Revenue team that includes best-in-class marketers working with the leading-edge of demand generation, marketing automation and lead generation.

We'd like to review your writing as part of your application! Please submit work samples or a portfolio link along with your resume


  • Have a demonstrated talent for writing engaging and interesting content for a business audience, with the clarity on a top-tier publication, but with a greater connection to the human impact of a solution
  • Have experience writing for a specific audience - ideally familiar with working with buyer personas and writing for each
  • Understand web content writing, SEO and an audience with a 30 second attention span
  • Have previously written ebooks, reports, blog posts, white papers and website information intended for a business audience
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in English, communication and/or writing
  • Have some experience writing creatively, or with a very specific perspective or angle on an otherwise technical topic
  • Possess exceptional organizational and project management skills, and ideally experience with project management tools like Basecamp or Trello
  • A strong interest in the web, mobile commerce and customer-to-technology experiences
  • Have a burning desire to learn incredibly quickly, and a commitment to jump into the depths of B2B marketing and content to become one of the best, in a short period of time
  • An expectation that you will surpass the typical growth/development path and velocity of typical B2B marketers, supported with best-practice education, models, frameworks and industry leaders


  • Familiarity and/or experience with ecommerce - the industry, the customers, the business models and the leaders in the market (ie Amazon, Walmart, Lululemon and Crocs)

About Us:

Mobify (www.mobify.com) is the mobile commerce platform of choice for leading Fortune 500 companies and drives hundreds of millions of dollars in mobile revenue. Over 75,000 developers use Mobify products to adapt their website for mobile and tablets devices. We empower customers and developers at companies like Starbucks, ideeli, Threadless, BT, Expedia, Beyond the Rack, and NBC to deliver over $100-million in mobile commerce this year, and that's just the beginning.

Our platform uses a unique adaptive approach called 'client-side adaptation' to remix HTML, CSS and JavaScript and deliver a better web experience on all devices - this means no scraping, proxying or application servers required. Today, we focus on adapting the web for mobile phones and tablets. Tomorrow, adaption will include SmartTVs, cameras and new devices not yet invented.

Date Posted:
Oct 24, 2014 9:49 AM PDT

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Mobify is an open platform to adapt any website for mobile devices: smartphones, tablets and more. We help businesses solve the complex design and performance challenges of today's multi-screen web by providing tools and APIs for launching fast, responsive websites. Mobify is built on standard web technologies: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Our platform includes powerful features for remixing any existing site... more