Junior Scrum Master

Junior Scrum Master

FreshBooks ships software to customers every week, and we’re looking for a Junior Scrum Master to help make one of our Scrum Teams better. We have adopted Agile methods, and as a Junior Scrum Master, you will play a critical role in its success. You’re equal parts Facilitator, Communicator, and Wheel Greaser. You find the little problems the team is having and help fix them before they become big problems. You’re constantly trying to help the team’s productivity trend upwards, and will be helping the rest of the company understand what and when the team will be delivering new amazing software to customers.


  • Develop your Agile team into a high performing team
  • Help the team stay focused
  • Keep the team organized
  • Make the team’s work visible to the team and to stakeholders
  • Ensure the Agile Scrum processes are followed
  • Expanding the definition of done to improve quality/reduce risk, etc.
  • Facilitating team interactions and dynamics
  • Working across the organization to work with dates
  • Understand and communicate the impact of things on team velocity and their ability to hit delivery dates.

Day-to-Day Tasks

  • Track and remove blockers from the team, escalating as appropriate
  • Observe, analyze and makes suggestions on how to improve team performance
  • Maintain Sprint Backlog so it is constantly up-to-date
  • Create, distribute, and radiate Project Burndown, Team Velocity, and Sprint Burndown charts.
  • Clearly communicate Project target completion dates to key stakeholders on a weekly basis
  • Facilitating estimation of work
  • Help the team break-up their User Stories into Tasks during Sprint Planning
  • Schedule and facilitate team meetings to ensure they stay on-track, and on-topic
  • Find unique ways to raise team morale (surprise new Xbox game anyone?),


  • Minimum 2 years' experience working in an Agile environment. Since this is a Junior role, it's okay if you're coming from a QA, PM, or Development role, as long as you're experienced with and excited about Agile.
  • Completion of a “Certified Scrum Master” course would show us you’re serious about the role, but isn't necessary.

    Date Posted:
    Nov 30, 2013 9:00 PM PST

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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