Lead Developer

Lead Developer

You love opportunities to lead the development of beautiful web pages and guide your team to solve new technical challenges every day using your CSS, Javascript and jQuery expertise.

Here’s a chance for you to build your career doing great work for great clients, leading a team of smart people, all while having fun.

Location: Vancouver, BC

We are: Grit – Trust – Integrity – Maverick - Curiosity

• A boutique downtown web design agency focusing exclusively on A/B/n via JavaScript injection.
• We believe creative work should be tested and proven, often throwing best practice books out the window and more than often proving great results by doing so.
• A well-established company 7 years in going rapidly growing while retaining the feel of a startup/boutique.

You are: Grit – Trust – Integrity – Maverick - Curiosity

• A talented, friendly and self motivated developer with management experience and a broad range of knowledge in the web design industry.
• You’ll be comfortable writing vanilla Javascript, HTML, and CSS.
• You have a github account and contribute to online developer communities.
• You’re interested in metric driven UI/UX and think best practice design rules are a myth until proven.
• Interested in responsive, mobile design/development.
• Not a jerk.

Why work with us?
• A small, young, happy-friendly team in a boutique agency environment.
• A stress free workplace reporting to tech savvy stakeholders.
• A diverse range of projects short and long, large and small.
• Work across a variety of stacks perform a diverse range of tasks.
• Professional Development Opportunities.
• A great downtown location.
• A fridge full of beer/ wine and some good company

Salary and benefits offered will be commensurate with experience.

We offer a collaborative work environment where you have the opportunity to not only drive change within our clients’ organizations but within ours as well.

If this sounds like an exciting opportunity, send us your resume, work samples (measurement reports, analysis and recommendations documents, sample web applications that you have developed), and a link to your LinkedIn profile. Please state the job title in the subject line, and send an email to hr@widerfunnel.com.

Date Posted:
Sep 10, 2014 11:10 AM PDT

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

WiderFunnel pioneered conversion rate optimization strategies for companies such as Google, SAP, Iron Mountain and Magento using their LIFT™ Model and Kaizen™ Method. They A/B test websites and produce profit lift of 10% to 700%+ Improving our clients' marketing conversion rate and profit. That’s what we do. We eat, sleep, and breathe results. To us, that’s not a cliché—it’s how we believe business should... more