Marketing Data Analyst

Marketing Data Analyst

Location: Toronto

We are expanding our Toronto Data Team and we're looking to hire a Marketing Data Analyst. We are developing a huge amount of content to help entrepreneurs run their businesses. For example, content from our ecommerce university and our blog are frequently shared on other news sites and social networks with a large presence on all of them.

We want to learn more about the people who interact with our content so we can improve their experience with us. We also want someone to help us discover new clever opportunities for us to use that's hiding in our data. Social sentiment analysis, social network engagement, digital ethnography, and content measurement metrics are some of the topics that we are interested in exploring.

In addition, we are rebuilding our data warehouse, ensuring it has high quality data modeled in a way that enables the whole company to run analysis and answer their business questions.

This role involves a lot of data heavy lifting. A strong technical background is an absolute requirement.
In addition, you must have:

  • Experience with programming, preferably in Python;
  • Experience with Hadoop;
  • Knowledge of data modelling using the Kimball Group approach for data warehouses;
  • Experience with Business Intelligence or data visualization tools, preferably Tableau;
  • Strong analytical, quantitative, and problem-solving abilities;
  • Ability to analyze data with marketing in mind.

Please click here, fill in your information and include examples of your data capabilities. For instance, data mining, open source, academic, or other non-confidential projects.

Date Posted:
Oct 24, 2015 8:30 AM PDT

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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