Marketing Director

Marketing Director

We need a marketing veteran to help lead, manage and grow Unbounce's marketing channels as we drive our growth forward. The Marketing Director will be directly responsible for the quality and performance of Unbounce's Marketing channels.

The Type of Person We're Looking For:

  • You have 10+ years experience in various disciplines within traditional and digital marketing.
  • You have 4+ years experience managing marketing teams during periods of high growth.
  • You have a proven track record of driving measured business results and come with examples.
  • You are excited by and knowledgeable about online marketing. You always stay atop developing trends.
  • You have experience motivating teams to work at peak performance.
  • You're a leader and a doer. You understand the value that comes with teaching your team how to accomplish their goals, but are also comfortable jumping in to support.
  • You have strong opinions about what constitutes exceptional marketing that delights the audience and you'll accept nothing less.

Your Responsibilities:


  • Set quarterly targets for the Campaign Strategy, Email, Partnerships, and Paid Marketing teams and report on the progress weekly/monthly.
  • Encourage the personal and professional growth of your team.
  • Teach your colleagues what exceptional, delightful marketing means and hold their work to high standards.


  • Assess requests for additional resources from your direct reports and offer support when appropriate.
  • Manage budgets for your teams.
  • Handle all administrative tasks for your teams including vacation requests, sick days, and regular performance reviews.


  • Encourage your colleagues to propose ideas that are so big, they'll need help. Then aid them in hiring that help when appropriate.
  • Identify areas of growth within Campaign Strategy, Email, Partnerships, and Paid Marketing and allocate resources accordingly.

Drive significant growth in the channels you're responsible for.

Date Posted:
May 11, 2015 8:25 PM PDT

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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