Network Administrator

Network Administrator

Bravenet is a experienced web services company focusing on shared hosting, a custom web builder, and XML content delivery. With our small team, we focus on delivering niche tools for website owners and advertisers around the world. Located in Parksville (a 20 minute drive from Nanaimo), Bravenet has been a mainstay in this beautiful town for 17 years.

We are looking for a talented, self-driven Network and Systems administrator.

You will help maintain 12 racks of linux servers at a remote datacenter, as well as our office network. You will be working primarily with CentOS Linux but be familiar enough with Windows and MacOS to support office PCs.

You are eager to learn new technologies, and want to work hands-on with a variety of products and systems.

As an administrator, you will:

  • manage CentOS Linux hosts remotely through command line and web tools
  • configure and maintain Cisco switches and F5 load balancers
  • configure iSCSI storage
  • configure and run virtual machine hosts running Xen
  • manage software stacks including Apache/PHP/MySQL and Rails/Litespeed/MySQL
  • use Chef for configuration management
  • use git for managing all your scripts and tools
  • manage mail servers running Postfix and Dovecot
  • install, update, and manage web apps such as Mediawiki and Roundcube
  • debug PHP and Ruby scripts, and troubleshoot minor C code problems (failed patches, etc.)
  • manage SSL certificates, DNS, domains, and more
  • diagnose and repair office PCs and servers
  • assist with managing the office network
  • assist in managing our Exchange and Windows Server 2003 office servers
  • interface with our support team to advise them on more technical questions

You must:

  • demonstrate extensive knowledge of the Linux command line tools
  • show a great love of learning new things, and a flexibility with trying new technologies
  • exhibit a logical, process oriented way of thinking
  • have a solid understanding of TCP/IP networking fundamentals
  • have solid skills in at least one scripting language, such as Ruby (preferred), PHP, JS, Python, or Perl, and the ability to quickly learn others.
  • understand the HTTP request process and how, in general, web servers work
  • be able to write and understand simple HTML and CSS (not beautifully, but functionally)
  • be familiar with MVC frameworks in general (and ideally Rails specifically)
  • understand how domains and DNS work
  • be able to create shell scripts to automate common and repeated tasks
  • be comfortable replacing components in computers

Please submit a resume and cover letter. Successful applicants will be asked to meet for an in-person interview, and may be asked to complete a technical challenge.

Date Posted:
May 22, 2014 2:31 PM PDT

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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