Network Administrator

Network Administrator

Location: Ottawa

We’re looking for a Network Administrator to take ownership of all networking activities for the 500 employees in our Shopify offices.

Our ideal candidate has:

  • Strong networking experience, including knowledge of Cisco (ASA) and Juniper (EX) equipment;
  • Extensive experience using Mac computers;
  • Hands-on experience bootstrapping and administrating an office network;
  • Setting up and configuring office servers and backup servers;
  • Experience with Rancid and Ruby

You will be the go-to person at Shopify for:

  • Fixing the network when there are issues;
  • Monitoring the network and capacity planning;
  • Proactively finding and resolving wireless issues;
  • Maintaining the IP phones and coordinating with our hosted phone provider;
  • Helping with general IT duties: Google Apps administration, servers, printers, laptops, etc;
  • Occasionally running the livestream for our weekly events.

Some fun side projects include:

  • Creating a Marauder's map of our office with wired and wireless networks;
  • Installing a webcam which films employees going down our slide and generates animated GIFs which are automatically uploaded to our Flowdock;
  • Working with open-source software to create beautiful TV dashboards.

If this sounds like the perfect position for you, please click here, fill in your information and we'll be in touch!

Date Posted:
Sep 4, 2015 1:01 AM PDT

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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