NodeJS Developer

NodeJS Developer

About the position:

You will be building, designing and having your fingerprints all over the Hubba platform. You love to connect the web to people and are passionate about creating great products. You have the ability to shift gears, prioritize and solve the most important task at hand.

About you:

You have got a background in Computer Science/Engineering or have demonstrated high-tech performance in other areas. Startup experience would be bonus points! Be able to criticize and take criticism to make for a quality product.


  • 3+ years building web applications
  • Experience in Javascript, MongoDB is a must
  • Experience in other languages and front-end frameworks a bonus
  • Ability to work in Unix environments
  • Comfortable working in a team with shifting priorities
  • Willingness to learn something new
  • Ability to influence others about your best practices

Personal Attributes:

  • Great communicator - we love to talk
  • Awesome writer - Emma will make you write blog posts
  • Love accomplishing goals - we have lots to do
  • Work great in a team - our team is small, but powerful
  • You have fun hobbies - (see 1) we love to talk, not always about Hubba
  • Take a joke, and dish one out too

    Date Posted:
    Jul 22, 2015 2:45 PM PDT

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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