Product Management Supply Chain

Product Management Supply Chain

Founded in 1999, BuildDirect is an e-commerce provider completely disrupting the retail building products industry by bridging the gap between the manufacturer and end user. By simplifying the supply chain, solving a heavy freight shipping issue that plagued the industry and creating a proprietary data-driven platform that benefits manufacturers, partners and customers alike, BuildDirect customers ultimately enjoy up to 80% cost savings. The company is headquartered in Vancouver, B.C, with eight warehouse locations in the US and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. For more information visit To view other opportunities, go to our careers page at

We are looking for an experienced Senior Product Manager who can lead the planning and execution of our Logistics and Supply Chain platform to deliver real benefits and long-term value. The successful candidate will be working with our executive team and our strategic partners to transform our platform in order to enable our company to scale, to accelerate our growth and to achieve 10X results.

The Product Manager will ensure that the platform delivers a great user experience for our clients while also meeting our internal goals and strategies. Their passion and understanding of product requirements, market research, and high value use cases is unparalleled. They are instinctively capable of understanding ideas, designs, and processes – and know exactly how to further improve them. Working closely with other areas of the Technology team, as well as with Logistics, Supply Chain and Sales, the Product Manager will define both the short and long term vision for our Supply Chain platform and ensure that sales and vendor and customer satisfaction goals are met.


  • Defining external and internal requirements and business cases for new products based on customers and prospects
  • Working closely with business groups and department heads (Technology, Logistics, Supply Chain, etc.) to improve the overall user and vendor experiences and to define new features and capabilities
  • Developing and leading product strategy, positioning, messaging, roadmaps, and everything related to business cases
  • Creating preliminary design concepts and working closely with engineering to implement and iterate
  • Monitoring key conversion metrics and A/B tests to support continual optimization of the product and business plan
  • Tracking product development and performing competitive product analysis
  • Developing product launch plans, feature sets and capabilities as well as conducting usability testing to identify areas of improvement
  • Establishing requirements, plans and product direction for the support of growth strategy and long-term product portfolio architecture
  • Overseeing product management lifecycle end-to-end and performing post-launch analyses and capturing key outcomes
  • Designing and writing product requirement specs, and creating executable product timelines and roadmaps
  • Developing pipelines of new capabilities to up-sell and increase average revenue per use
  • Develop talent within the technology team to support the development of a robust product organization with a culture of strong engagement, accountability and high performance


  • Review existing product, articulate 3-5 year vision and identify gaps within 3 months
  • Develop 12 month product and feature development roadmap within 3 months
  • Develop competitive product analysis report including market trends within 3 months
  • Develop business cases supporting small, medium and national freight carriers within 3 months
  • Establish product development tracking and continuous performance initiatives within 6 months
  • Develop an ongoing communications plan with key stakeholders including logistics, technology and inventory teams within 6 months
  • Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track and report innovation launches and feature adoption within 6 months
  • Develop and execute a robust mid-term and long-term innovation road map within 9 months


  • 5+ years of product management
  • Experience designing and developing logistics and/or supply chain systems and tools
  • Experience working with multi-disciplinary team: business, user experience and technology
  • Experience with eCommerce and the building industry
  • Experience with online platforms, web-based applications and integration with 3rd parties
  • Knowledge leader in evolving product strategies based on customer development and industry trends
  • Bachelor’s degree minimum, MBA preferred

    Date Posted:
    Oct 30, 2014 11:47 AM PDT

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    BuildDirect is a technology company that is knocking down walls, changing the foundation and building a smarter, simpler and empowered home improvement industry. With its BuildDirect Demand Rank™ and BuildDirect Product Rank™ custom analytic and forecasting tools, the company can identify in real-time, consumer interest in a product, its competitiveness in the marketplace, and locations it will best perform. This... more