Product Manager

Product Manager

You're sitting at your desk, staring in white-knuckled anticipation at your computer screen.  You're tense, but you know you've crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s.  Today's product launch, which you were responsible for, is now in the hands of millions of small business owners around the world.  TechCrunch just published an article praising your project’s potential.  The CEO and your manager just walked over to your desk clutching two big bottles of champagne. All of your research, design, testing, and collaboration has paid off.  This is the moment all Product Managers live for: the launch. Even better, the launch of something you really believe in, that has the potential to transform the lives of small business owners all over the world. 

At FreshBooks you’ll experience this thrill often, working alongside a group of world-class Developers, Designers, and Product Managers: the Product Development team. 

The Product Development team at FreshBooks is responsible for defining and delivering new ways to help small businesses focus on what they love to do. We take the headache away from bookkeeping and accounting and replace it with a fun, intuitive set of tools that just make sense to small business owners. 

You are probably already gainfully employed elsewhere right now, or have recently departed a world-class organization in search of a better way. 


Here's what we can offer:

  • A high-profile position in a product-led company.  You'll have direct access to our CEO, CTO, and CMO several times a week
  • A Scrum team of your very own that employs agile methodologies to deliver super-awesome-game-changing experiences at break neck speeds
  • An incredible growth opportunity ; you’ll learn a lot about what it takes to ship great software -- and you’ll learn it from the best people out there
  • The opportunity to deliver product features that instantly get used by millions of people around the world
  • A seat at the table of one of Toronto's top performing and award winning Product Development teams where data and research matter more than opinions
  • A life in Canada that includes company-sponsored wintertime shinny games, yearly trips to Muskoka, Raptors tickets, weekly free lunches, an open-concept & collaborative workspace and unpretentious co-workers who take pride in their work without the ego. 


In return for this opportunity, here's what we'll expect from you:

  • Show an undying passion to talk directly to customers to understand who they are, how they run their business, and empathize with the pain associated with managing their finances.
  • Demonstrate an ability to synthesize what you've heard, and report back to the team on the biggest opportunities you've found in your research
  • Be a leader within your scrum team and a world-class partner to your stakeholders across the company
  • Have impeccable taste for amazing product experiences, and know what will work for our customers and what won't.
  • Provide clear and consistent communication of what's happening with your projects
  • Be hungry for measurable project goals & report back on how your products are performing in the market
  • Be introspective and strategic, always seeking out ways to increase your impact on the company and our customers’ lives.

Date Posted:
Feb 5, 2015 1:01 AM PST

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

In 2003, Mike McDerment, co-founder and CEO of FreshBooks, accidently saved over an invoice, snapped and decided to create a better way to manage his books and bill clients. Since then, FreshBooks has emerged as the #1 cloud accounting specialist for small business owners by helping more than 5 million people track time, organize expenses and invoice clients in the cloud. Known for... more