QA Engineer

QA Engineer

Founded in 1999, and still privately held today, we are a technology company that is knocking down walls, changing the foundation and building a smarter, simpler and empowered home improvement industry. We love the people we work with and the culture we’ve built. For us, curiosity is a mindset that sees a problem as the start of a great solution. We believe the best learning and greatest discoveries come from trying, even if you fail. We love that we aren't perfect, but every day we are trying to get better at what we do.

You realize that quality is not a nice to have but an absolute must in terms of delivering quality products. You work with developers as partners and not as adversaries. You are Agile in your approach and can automate just about anything.

As a QA Engineer you will assume ownership of the process to ensure quality products are delivered. You will aid us in our efforts to automate a lot of our manual testing. You will work hand-in-hand with development in Agile development projects.


• Help set-up our automated testing strategy to make tests reliable, repeatable, and visible
• Implement the automated testing strategy and get us to continuous deployment for web and native applications
• Manually test new features and fixes so you understand how to automate them
• Keep our quality high and our risks and costs low

Expected Outcomes:

1 month
• Assess current testing strategies and provide framework to support existing practices

2 months
• Work with the development team to assess current code and come up with TDD implementation plan
• Prepare plan for implementing automated testing

3 months
• Implement automated testing for identified components. These will be agreed upon in the implementation plan

6 Months:
• Build and extend automated testing across the development team
Desired Skills & Experience:
• Support the team interaction of QA testers providing insight into how automation appropriately applies
• Track and analyze own test results, take corrective action, report automation summaries, and update statuses
• Implement framework for the ongoing maintenance of complex automated tests and automation architecture.
• Create automation project plan, scope, schedule and implementation of test and project level architecture within the automation framework
• Lead definition of automation test objectives, strategies, processes, standards, and metrics
• Expert debugging skills across automation projects and architecture
• Ability to promote, execute, and exemplify automation processes and methodologies in order to maximize output and solve new classes of problems using broad knowledge of technologies available
• Communicate both internally and externally with cross functional areas impacted by automation, including the effective dealings with related business functions
• Expertise with Selenium and other .Net testing tools
• Familiarity with continuous integration systems
• Development experience is preferred; such as C# or other object oriented language
• Ability to work with scripting languages for automation
• When new tools are required, search and acquire new tools
• Methodologies: Agile and TDD
• Cloud environments and virtualization experience (AWS) is preferred
• Ability to drive change within the organization by creating new technologies and/or solutions that may be new to the industry, while balancing the organization's need for stability and change
• Bachelor’s degree in Business, Software Engineering, or Computer Science preferred

Date Posted:
Oct 30, 2014 11:48 AM PDT

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

BuildDirect is a technology company that is knocking down walls, changing the foundation and building a smarter, simpler and empowered home improvement industry. With its BuildDirect Demand Rank™ and BuildDirect Product Rank™ custom analytic and forecasting tools, the company can identify in real-time, consumer interest in a product, its competitiveness in the marketplace, and locations it will best perform. This... more