RF Systems Engineer (Calgary)

RF Systems Engineer (Calgary)

The candidate is responsible for proper design, implementation and operation of the GEMS SmartMat RFID system. GEMS SmartMat services use RFID systems and GPS tracking to deploy and monitor thousands of environmental mats in remote construction sites under extreme industrial conditions in the WCSB.


1. Develop and maintain RF System design specification, including antenna, tag and reading system, to achieve the business’s requirements for RFID information transfer and for system reliability (Read error rates) and durability (MTBF and MTTR)
2. Determining ‘best practices’ of design for effective field operations for this application.
3. Sourcing components from suppliers to meet the design criteria
4. Project managing any subcontracted component design or fabrication
5. Identifying, designing and organizing field support and maintenance for the system including remote diagnostic.
6. Maintaining industry leading information on the advancement and use of RFID for field operations for remote resource site applications
7. Coordinating the contracting of software design to run the Hardware System.
8. Working with GEMS management to ensure the client reporting system meets all client needs, and coordinate the development of this software.
9. GPS mapping program research and design.

Accountability factors:

1. System reliability (Read error rate)
2. System durability (MTBF)
3. System cost ($K per installation)
4. Field service cost ($ cost per repair)
5. Client Information System and Mapping Integration

Preferred skills & experience

1. Bachelor, Electrical Engineering
2. 5 years work experience with RF antenna systems
3. Field implementation experience in an industrial ruggedized setting
4. RFID systems

Date Posted:
Mar 4, 2014 11:13 PM PST
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