Senior Developer

Senior Developer

White Ops Analytics Canada is looking for someone to join our development team and help build and maintain the most resilient and scalable software system possible.

Working closely with our Lead Developer, you will aid in development of modular, scalable components. With our mission statement to “fix the internet”, our system’s ability to ingest and deal with a multitude of diverse traffic poses very interesting challenges. A job with us will provide plenty of opportunities to expand you knowledge and experience as you utilize a variety of tools and methodologies as part of our team.

The following are the main responsibilities of the Senior Developer:
• Build high scalability/high performance systems to ingest and fingerprint web traffic to discover malware, botnets, and fraud

The following are the beneficial skills we are looking for in a successful applicant:
• Experience with a variety of JVM languages (java, groovy, scala…)
• Experience with other programming languages (erlang, C, lua, python, javascript...)
• Building scalable web based systems
• Browser internals
• Experience with Apache Spark, Hadoop, Kafka, or similar large data tools
• Experience with the actor model (akka, erlang)
• Distributed data stores (Cassandra, HDFS…)
We don’t expect anyone to have everything, but a successful candidate should have a subset of the above skills.

Last but not least, the following are the great things about working with us:
• We have a friendly and laid back team
• Nice, quiet , non-open office space located in a class A building in downtown Victoria
• Our salaries are in the top-tier for the city
• Work with leaders in the security community

Date Posted:
Apr 21, 2015 2:53 PM PDT
White Ops Analytics Canada

White Ops Analytics Canada
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

White Ops Analytics Canada is the Victoria-based arm of a multi-office VC-backed start-up with offices in New York (headquarters) and San Francisco. We specialize in providing a new class of web security and botnet detection and always have an eye out for talented software people to join our team. more