Hey you, young buck

DO YOU: Want to work on something new and exciting?

in node?
with mongo?
and backbone?

Want to help craft, build and lead an amazing team? Perhaps dip your toes into being a people manager, without having to hang up your IDE?

At Avant ServGarde we believe the best projects are those created with passion and that’s why we’re looking for passionate developers who are looking for the next framework or the next cute little transition. We’re a technology company centered on our laboratory, where we experiment, talk about and sometimes launch, new products. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to work on some very exciting projects with our startup clients. You will be hands-on, working to craft quality interfaces, responsible for the delivery of client projects along with our technical project manager.

What you will do

• Develop cross-platform applications with HTML5.
• Architectural oversight, establishing best practices & guidelines, and active hands-on development.
• Active collaboration in, and contribution to discussions with UX and UI designers.
• Participate in project planning.
• Local candidates only (for this position).

Skills & requirements

• You enjoy solving problems.
• You have a highly technical background (ie: Bachelors Degree in Comp Sci, Software Eng. or relevant field) OR equivalent experience.
• You have a strong web development experience with Javascript, HTML5, and CSS.
• You have a strong understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and solutions.
• You are fond of mobile and tablet web development.
• And have other skills we haven’t mentioned.

What we use

• JS frameworks and tools: Backbone/Marionette,, grunt, require.js (+ r.js), modernizr
• CSS Preprocessors: LESS, SCSS
• Python (Flask)
• PHP (Kohana, Wordpress)
• Dev tools: Git, Vagrant
• Server management: Saltstack
• Styling frameworks: Bootstrap (mostly for admin panels), Foundation
• Experience working with async frameworks such as Backbone.js, Node.js, AngularJS, React.

We need a quick-thinker and a prototyping genius that can jump on problems to solve them and help us grow. You will craft amazing products and build the machine that keeps it awesome.

Simple no?

What are you waiting for!

Date Posted:
Mar 25, 2014 4:02 PM PDT
Avant Garde Solutions

Avant Garde Solutions
Montréal, Québec, Canada

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