Senior Mobile Interface Engineer

Senior Mobile Interface Engineer

As our Senior Interface Designer, you will work with an orientation toward innovative and effective design solutions to help support the creative design and implementation of our mobile and UX apps. It's your role to produce innovative high quality interface design work for clients, to coordinate, delegate tasks and supervise junior personnel.

Reporting to the Director of Design, you will be responsible for leading projects, quality control, organisation, delegation, and performance monitoring of junior team members. It's your responsibility to action the Design Director and Senior Management’s vision and ensure that projects go to plan.

As our Senior Interface Designer, you will be responsible for:

  • Contributing to the conceptual / creative development of projects
  • Moodboard creation
  • Generating visual identities from scratch
  • Designing user friendly and visually appealing mobile, tablet and desktop apps and websites
  • Working to corporate brand guidelines if required
  • Working with client to ensure goals and needs are met in the design
  • Collaborating with mobile and web application developers on UI aspects
  • Collaborating with developers to ensure that the vision of the design team is successfully deployed, conducting design QA on applications to ensure high quality deliverables before releasing to the client
  • Supporting the team with the development, implementation and maintenance of dynamic and interactive web and mobile-based projects
  • Working within project schedules and multi-tasking to meet deadlines
  • On-going communication with the Team Lead and Design Director
  • Monitoring deliverables against timelines
  • Delivering upon the vision of Design Director and Senior Management
  • Ensuring day-to-day deliverables are met

As a Senior Interface Designer, you will possess the following skills, attributes and experience:

  • 4 years of work experience as an Interface Designer
  • Strong portfolio of work
  • Strong understanding of UX best practices and current design trends / technology
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Advanced proficiency in Adobe CS Suite
  • Working knowledge of HTML/CSS and an understanding of JavaScript
  • Excellent understanding of composition, colour, imagery and typography\
  • Excellent communication, organisation and leadership skills

    Date Posted:
    Feb 7, 2015 6:34 PM PST

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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