Senior Java Developer

Senior Java Developer

Boeing Vancouver is hiring a Sr. Java Developer for a 6 month contract for the Airplane Health Management (AHM) team, who is focused on improving operational performance by turning available airplane data into useful, actionable information. The AHM system monitors, collects and analyzes available airplane data to enable maintenance staff to make timely, economical and repeatable maintenance decisions that will improve fleet operations. AHM enables airlines to improve operational performance and reduce delays, cancellations, air turn backs and diversions.

AHM collects data in real time from the flying fleet and makes it available to ground operations. Alerts and notifications are delivered to airline personnel through the internet, fax, mobile devices, e-mail and paper services. Airlines receive customizable information packages enabling them to make fix-or-fly and maintenance decisions with better information.

Strong Front End Skills are required, with expertise in HTML5 and multiple JavaScript frameworks.

What you will do:

  • Exercise independent judgment in making day‐to‐day technical decisions
  • Consult with other technical staff, technical experts or departments to fulfill task requirements
  • Design specific applications or parts of applications
  • Provide development estimates
  • Design specifications to develop or modify complex software programming applications
  • Code, test and debug for specific applications, using common development languages
  • Follow and verify compliancy of established AeroInfo technical standards for quality; ensure adherence to development standards and guidelines
  • Annotate and verify programs and documents in accordance with
  • AeroInfo standards, policies and work processes
  • Consult and raise concerns with other project staff
  • Repairs, improves and simplifies programs

Who you are:

Technology Requirements:

  • Very-high to expert-level Java (Java 7.x) development knowledge
  • Very familiar with JavaScript (prior use of JavaScript frameworks, especially Ext-JS 4.x or higher, is very beneficial)
  • Very familiar with Spring Framework, Spring MVC, and Spring Security
  • Very familiar with (prior professional experience on) web application development (client/server, model-view-controller, and n-tier application architecture) as an application developer
  • Knowledge of No-SQL databases, especially Cassandra and Solr
  • Knowledge of SQL databases (and use of SQL), especially Oracle
  • Very familiar with (recent use of) the Eclipse IDE
  • Knowledge of configuration management and other software development process tools (Subversion, JIRA, Version One, Jenkins, RunDeck, and so on)
  • Familiarity with the additional following tools/technologies/knowledge domains is beneficial: Apache Tomcat, StaX/SAX/DOM parsers, AJAX, Apache Spark, Apache ActiveMQ, Apache Camel, Quartz job scheduler, Cloud deployment infrastructure (especially Amazon AWS), Commercial airplane maintenance and ACARS messaging, Message routing and processing, and Analytics tools

Education and Skills:

  • Undergraduate degree in Computer Science, computer engineering or equivalent
  • Java certification an asset
  • Competence in executing development using prescribed software development methodologies
  • Demonstrated technical expertise or specialist in more than one development language, or specific knowledge of one specialized skill area

    Date Posted:
    Jan 12, 2016 1:04 PM PST
    Boeing Canada - AeroInfo

    Boeing Canada - AeroInfo
    Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

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