Senior Software Developer – Ruby on Rails

Senior Software Developer – Ruby on Rails

Permanent or Contract


Info-Tech Research Group is seeking creative and independent engineers who are comfortable with a high degree of autonomy and an agile, collaborative work setting. We offer a great work environment and a competitive salary based on experience. Full time and contract positions are available.

If you are passionate about building great software, you want to work at a company that is young but is no longer a startup, and you are looking to work in the heart of Ontario, we want to work with you. At Info-Tech, you will be sitting in the driver’s seat as your ideas and code will be used to shape our product suite which has 30,000+ users.


Specifically you will be responsible for:

• Playing a senior role on our product engineering team.
• Owning the code base, continually refactoring it, and making it better.
• Developing RESTful APIs for internal and external use.
• Developing scalable backend services.
• Implementing a road map of new features and seeing them through.

The typical senior developer role involves: liaising with customer support, bringing ideas to meetings, educating other team members on best practices, and continually looking for ways to improve the product.

Desired Skills & Experience

We are looking for an individual who has a deep knowledge of the Ruby on Rails framework, has developed scalable backend services, and has an agile approach to problem solving.

Successful candidates exhibit the following traits:

• 2+ years of Ruby on Rails Development and 4+ years developing software in a commercial environment.
• Solid experience in building high-performance, reliable, and scalable services.
• Solid understanding of web technologies, relational databases (we use MySQL), and object oriented design.
• Development experience in a cloud-based infrastructure.
• Experience with Ajax based user interfaces.
• Comfortable working with HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, jQuery.

In addition, we are looking for the following skills:

• Be efficient, organized, and follow through on commitments.
• Be intelligent, have great analytical skills, and pay attention to detail.
• Be calm under pressure, have a great work ethic, and communicate well.
• Push for excellence and do not accept the mundane.
• Urge for a higher standard. Be proactive.
• Be open to new ideas and personal feedback.
• Try new things. Fail and learn from failure. 5% of developers are 20 times more efficient than 95% of developers. We want you to be the 5%.

How to Get Noticed

A resume and cover letter is a good start, but we're very interested in seeing real world examples of your work.

• Include your GitHub, Bit Bucket, Stack Overflow, or Google Code profile with a description of any open source projects you've worked on.
• Include a portfolio or blog site which has any of your work on it.
• Include links to presentations you've given.

5 Reasons Why You Want to Work with Us

1. You want to have a voice and a say in the direction of the company, the code you build, and what you do. You don't want to be a "yes" man.
2. You want more fun at work - where having the occasional beer is part of the culture.
3. You want a team that is passionate. You want a team that will push, explore ideas, and challenge each other regularly. You want a team that drives forward rather than settles for the status quo.
4. You want a life after work. You want to work hard, and then have time to play hard or just relax.
5. You want to work at a company that invests in you, sends you to conferences, encourages your education, and pushes you to grow.

Date Posted:
Nov 26, 2014 2:41 PM PST
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