Senior Web Developer

Senior Web Developer


Senior Web Developer - Architecture, Design, Leadership, AngularJS, Jasmine, Jersey, Java (and other technologies you recommend)

Want to work on some new, longer term, technically challenging projects where quality and performance is critical and success is measured in millions of transactions worth tens of $billions per day? We’re expanding our web offerings and need a strong web developer to take a technical leadership role; someone who shares our dedication for writing software to high standards.

SSGX develops and runs world-leading electronic trading markets for foreign exchange. We serve the majority of the world’s major financial institutions.


Waterfront Station, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Our Vancouver office is a pure software development shop, composed of front-end, server-side and database teams. We work hard to maintain the kind of relaxed, creative work environment developers need to write great software.


You will be expected to translate high level business requirements into workable designs, research and recommend technical architectures, draft UI mockups, write software, enhance our automated test frameworks, mentor developers, and support the QA team. In short, you will need the ability to communicate, lead, and be the driving force that pulls together diverse stakeholders to bring projects through to completion.

Senior level web talent is a must. Previous experience with AngularJS, Java Swing or other rich-client UI frameworks is a bonus.

You must be passionate about UX and UI development, have strong written and oral communication skills, be legally entitled to work in Canada, hold a computer science or computer engineering degree from a recognized post-secondary institution, and be able to work at our Vancouver office on a daily basis.


  • Generous Compensation and Benefits, 4 weeks vacation
  • Interesting Business Domain
  • Open environment with an emphasis on self-management
  • Great downtown location in the Waterfront Station building
  • Flexible work hours


Please complete this short and fun skill-testing question in Javascript. Place the answer at the front of your email's subject field. Please include the code with your application for review. You should implement the whole algorithm manually, without external library calls.

  • Let X = the current day of this year (the day you send in your application), cubed
  • (Jan 01 is 1^3 = 1, and Dec 31 is 365^3 = 48,627,125
  • use this website to look up the current day-of-year:
  • Iterate through every possible arrangement of the digits in X
  • Make no attempt to filter like results stemming from duplicate digits in X. For example:
  • 123 = { 123 132 213 231 312 321 }
  • 122 = { 122 122 212 221 212 221 }
  • Find the integer remainder of dividing each permutation by 97
  • Your magic number is the sum of all those remainders.

Example answers:

  • Jan 02, input=2, result=8
  • Jan 03, input=3, result=99
  • Jan 05, input=5, result=224
  • Jan 12, input = 12, result = 264
  • Mar 01, input=60, result=36,294
  • Jun 09, input=160, result=235,056
  • Oct 01, input 274, result=1,961,336

Please send your resume and code to, with the magic number at the front of your subject field.

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Oct 10, 2014 7:27 AM PDT
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