Senior Web Developer

Senior Web Developer

We are a high growth start-up that pride ourselves on stellar design and superb code quality. We have a deep understanding of our users psychology and enjoy solving complex problems. We love to learn, teach, and debate all ideas. We’ve worked across countless startups (one exited to Google) which has allowed us to form well thought out opinions on work culture, time management and coding practices. We work our own hours, play by our own rules and choose our own roads to follow. We're the perfect team to learn from if you have aspirations of one day launching your own startup.

So what do we do? Roadmunk is a web-based data visualization tool that enables product innovators, executives and their teams to create, design and share their strategic roadmaps throughout the organization. Our customers include Nike, Urban Outfitters, Marriott Hotels, Coca-Cola & St. Jude’s Hospital.


  • Partaking in design sessions and not being shy about contributing ideas for implementing solutions to design problems
  • Eagerly volunteering for coding of features (front-end and back-end if necessary)
  • Writing unit and integration tests (and not griping about it)
  • Helping to squash bugs (especially the tough and nasty ones), learning, growing, and teaching others what you know, being open to new ideas, taking on new challenges, and not being afraid speaking your mind

MOST IMPORTANT: coming in everyday with a positive attitude and being friendly and fun to work with.

Required Skills (we need you to be comfortable with these)

  • Javascript is a must (the more knowledge the better)
  • the usual web techs (HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, etc..)
  • OOP patterns and asynchronous callback patterns

Nice-to-Have Skills (great if you have but we can teach you since you're such a quick study)

  • knowledge of KnockoutJS, LESS, client-side widget libs (eg: JQueryUI)
  • knowledge of NodeJS (or IO.js), MongoDB
  • some experience with Git would be useful
  • familiar with REST, AJAX, JSON
  • some type of unit testing framework (eg: we use Mocha with Sinon and Chai)

    Date Posted:
    Nov 3, 2015 11:49 AM PST

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Roadmunk enables product innovators and executives to create, manage and share the strategic roadmaps of an organization. more