Software Developer

Software Developer

We are looking for a software developer to join our team of smart, creative engineers to help build our next generation of products.

How we work

We work in an informal, fun, fast-moving, collaborative environment with minimal hierarchy. While we have the freedom to set our own hours and the flexibility to maintain an excellent work/life balance, we work hard to ensure that our products are delivered on time.

We develop a full range of software -- from customized Linux kernels and advanced signal processing applications, to web services and APIs. We believe in using the best development tools and practices, and use an Agile approach.

Who you are

● a software developer with a lifelong interest in all things software
● a creative thinker who enjoys openly sharing and discussing ideas
● passionate about creating elegant architectures and designs
● focused on understanding users and providing an outstanding user experience
● an enthusiastic team player who enjoys working with and learning from teammates

You need to have

● a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering, or equivalent
● 1-3 years of professional experience
● excellent written and verbal communications skills
● very strong skills in Java or C++
● a track record of delivering well-designed and well-built products

Impress us by knowing

● Embedded systems, especially ARM
● Linux kernel development
● Cloud service development, SaaS
● Mobile development, iOS, Android
● JUnit, Eclipse, Maven, Git
● JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SVG, Angular, jQuery
● Concurrent programming, actors, Akka
● API experience, REST
● Relational databases, SQL
● Scala, Ruby, Rails, Groovy
● Network programming, sockets, TCP/IP, HTTP, web servers
● GitHub repository/personal software projects/open source contributions

This position is available in our Ottawa office, located on the edge of the Greenbelt. Close to biking paths and bus routes, and a short commute to many nearby residential areas.

Date Posted:
Nov 3, 2015 7:25 PM PST

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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