Software Developer

Software Developer

Toronto, ON

We are continuing to grow our team in Toronto, and are looking for people who are excited about writing great software that makes a positive impact on people's lives.

Whether you are just starting your career or a seasoned developer, as a member of our team we expect you to have a passion for learning new things and encourage you to share your knowledge with others. We do the majority of our server-side development in Ruby (on Rails), with a few services written in Go. If you don’t know either of those technologies right now, that’s okay. However, we will likely want to do at least a basic pair-programming session with you in Ruby as part of the interview process.

Web developers at Shopify Toronto work on:

  • Improving our public APIs
  • Building our public-facing content sites and tools
  • Refining the experience of new users in the Shopify admin
  • Writing applications that integrate with Shopify and help merchants succeed

A few of the best perks:

  • Working on a team of really talented people who care about helping each other do their best work.
  • Shipping code multiple times a day, with your work being used by thousands of people within seconds of being deployed.
  • Team leads that encourage and support your personal growth and career development.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, we want to hear from you! Please make your cover letter out to Brady Paron.

Date Posted:
Dec 10, 2015 12:38 PM PST

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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