Software Developer Android

Software Developer Android

We are looking for experienced Android engineers considering fresh challenges. We like challenging ourselves to solve new and difficult problems and to create beautiful and innovative apps that can be used and appreciated by millions of people. If you are like us you'll love working and playing at Dynamic Leap.

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Working Knowledge of Java, C and C++
  • Track record developing Android apps
  • Experience using web services APIs in mobile applications
  • A minimum of three years work experience in the industry
  • A positive attitude and enthusiasm
  • Quick learning skills
  • Attention to detail

About Us:

Dynamic Leap is a fast growing software development house based Downtown Vancouver. We attract clients from all over the world, all with unique problems that require fresh ideas and innovative solutions, ensuring that your workday will never become repetitive or stagnant. We are passionate about new technologies, and love executing our clients visions as though they were our own.

We work really hard to ensure that everyone in our office is inspiring, smart, and works well together. It makes hiring harder, but everyday innovation and inspiration easier. As a member of our team, your design decisions will be seen and have impact on thousands of people that interact with a wide variety of our client applications worldwide.

Date Posted:
Dec 8, 2015 11:27 AM PST
Dynamic Leap Technology Inc.

Dynamic Leap Technology Inc.
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We have been building mobile apps - iOS, Android, HTML5, or any other platform since 2008. We use our expertise to deliver high quality products on time and within budget, always going above and beyond our customers' expectations. We are a group of enthusiastic hi-tech geeks with a passion for the latest technologies and for the latest gadgets. We like challenging ourselves to solve new and... more