Software Engineer

Software Engineer

A Thinking Ape is looking for extremely smart and talented software engineers to join our team in Vancouver, BC. We’re looking for technical generalists: scientists at heart, engineers at work. You should be comfortable with designing and implementing applications from whiteboard diagram to production, enjoy working on massive scale technical problems, and have the itch to make something people want.

Some of the problems we face include:

  • Architecting services that can handle a large number of concurrent activities
  • Working with advanced caching and write-back strategies
  • Designing and implementing scalable, reliable and maintainable technologies for our mobile and web platforms

Your background should include:

  • Proven software engineering talents
  • Solid knowledge and understanding of web architecture
  • Clear communication in code and in writing
  • Interest in metrics and data analysis

Tell us if you:

  • Contribute or have contributed to an open source project
  • Launched your own iPhone, Android, or Facebook app
  • Regularly read Hacker News – send us your username if you do
  • Made something cool with python, objective-c, html5, redis, zeromq, or mongrel

We are a startup and as a developer you will have the ability to influence the design and development of nearly everything that we build. You will have to be very comfortable with ownership and management of your projects. As such, you will have the potential to develop into an engineering leadership and management role over time as we grow.

If you have what we are looking for, come join us in an innovative and challenging environment!

Date Posted:
Nov 4, 2014 2:17 PM PST
A Thinking Ape

A Thinking Ape
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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