Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Our Technology team has some big goals this year. We will completely change the online shopping experience for the home improvement industry.  What does this mean for you?  You’ll be part of a team developing applications within our platform to solve unique customer and business needs – you’ll engineer the customer and supplier experience as we scale up. You’ll utilize your engineering skills and passion for emerging technologies to work with cross functional, agile teams to develop, expand and ensure end users have an optimal BuildDirect experience.

Let’s be clear – you’ll be part of a team which will transform its industry. You’ll work with like-minded colleagues and expand your professional network while your career quickly develops to new levels. The best part?  You’ll be working with innovative, modern and forward looking technologies and will look back at this and say “That was fun! That was amazing!”

What You’ll Do

  • Create the de-facto standard home improvement platform and APIs for BuildDirect
  • Architect, implement and test product components and APIs
  • Work with the various teams and drive forward our architecture standards and engineering practices
  • Foster new and improve on existing engineering best practices within BuildDirect
  • Mentor peers to become better engineers
  • Drive our adoption of Automation, Continuous Delivery and DevOps

What You’ll Achieve

  • Drive forward full adoption of microservices and latest engineering practices
  • Bring to life new system components
  • Champion iterative releases on the platform
  • Create a world class product which industry peers admire
  • Continue to drive a team that always strives to be leaders in the software development industry

What You’ll Bring

  • 10+ years in software engineering and architecture on various platforms
  • 5+ years software engineering background on .NET and ASP.NET platform
  • Must have experience in more than one programming platform, e.g. Java, C++, node.js
  • Experience with C#, REST, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web Services
  • Experience with Hypermedia, Microsoft Azure or AWS, micro-services and DevOps are a plus
  • Experience with Agile practices for 2+ years
  • Discipline, focus and drive to deliver incredible products and APIs
  • Courage to challenge others, yourself and the status quo
  • Strong understanding of how to apply industry design patterns and best practices
  • Experience in quality, security, scalable designs, and cloud grade
  • Connected and participative in the local Tech community                    

What You Must Have

  • An audacious spirit that embraces uncertainty and challenges with enthusiasm
  • High levels of integrity and a commitment to do what you say you are going to do
  • Strong entrepreneurial spirit that has grit, determination and challenges the status quo
  • High degree of empathy and the ability to see other’s perspective
  • Strong sense of curiosity and the desire to learn and get better everyday, and help others to do the same

Who We Are

We are opening a world of possibilities by simplifying the home improvement industry.

In October 1999, BuildDirect co-founders Jeff Booth and Rob Banks had a vision. Their vision was to simplify the home improvement industry and give the power of choice back to the homeowner. They wanted to provide those seeking to build or improve their homes with an online marketplace to access the products they wanted, at the prices they’d love, and deliver them on time and directly to their doorstep.

And today we do just that.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, BuildDirect is the world’s largest online marketplace for home improvement products. We connect homeowners directly to the suppliers of home improvement products, which eliminates heavy retail markups and makes for a much simpler and trusted shopping experience.

We love the people we work with and the culture we’ve built. For us, curiosity is a mindset that sees a problem as the start of a great solution. We believe the best learning and greatest discoveries come from trying, even if you fail. We love that we aren’t perfect, but every day we are trying to get better at what we do.

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Jan 9, 2016 1:01 AM PST
BuildDirect Technologies

BuildDirect Technologies
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

BuildDirect is a technology company that is knocking down walls, changing the foundation and building a smarter, simpler and empowered home improvement industry. With its BuildDirect Demand Rank™ and BuildDirect Product Rank™ custom analytic and forecasting tools, the company can identify in real-time, consumer interest in a product, its competitiveness in the marketplace, and locations it will... more