Software Engineer - Full Stack

Software Engineer - Full Stack

Virtual reality developers are currently building products with legacy analytics tools that provide insignificant data and insights for this emerging platform. We are solving that by providing a powerful realtime analytics platform specifically built for VR experiences. Learn more at

As a Software Engineer on cognitiveVR platform, you will design, construct, and deliver systems with little technical oversight. Your work will align with the product vision, which you will help to continually refine. Your will contribute at all parts of the technology stack from user facing SDKs and website features to backend scalability and number crunching. You will collaborate frequently with peers to vet assumptions and agree on interfaces.

The considered applicant will have:

  • A degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Mathematics, or a related field, or commensurate professional experience.
  • 3+ years of professional programming experience.
  • Experience with distributed file systems and/or NoSQL databases.
  • Experience designing, constructing, deploying, and operating APIs in a SaaS environment.
  • Ease in learning, integrating, and utilizing new technologies to solve problems.
  • Defensible opinions on software development methodologies.

Experience with any of the following are a plus:

  • Relevant experience working in a position focused on the collection, storage, and visualization of application data.
  • Linux Administration, Amazon Web Services, Shell Scripting
  • Amazon AWS: EMR, Redshift, Kinesis, Cloudformation, DynamoDB, Lambda, Machine Learning
  • Data Transformation and ETL Utilizing Hadoop and HBase
  • Any of: Java, PHP, Javascript, AngularJS
  • Sales Engineering and DevOps

    Date Posted:
    Feb 18, 2016 9:55 AM PST

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    CognitiveVR’s analytics platform allows developers to leverage spatial telemetry data to better understand user engagement within their VR experiences. Our platform offers powerful analytics tools such as heat-mapping, A/B testing, segmentation, and targeting to measure and influence​ things like user behavior, perception, cognitive engagement, sickness tracking, and even entertainment value. more