System Administrator

System Administrator

Who We Are

At Jibestream we develop solutions that improve people’s Experience of Place. We do this by giving them the most up to date and relevant information based on where they are and where they are going. Today it’s all about the mobile device, being location-aware, and killer business rules that keep us the best at what we do.

We have graduated from a fast growing start up to playing in the big leagues with rapid global expansion. Our customers are deploying our platform across hundreds of premier malls, hospitals and corporate campuses.

The sales pipeline is exploding; the product is the best in the market, now all we need to win is continue growing our A team. Traction and product can be developed – finding amazing people is the single hardest part of building a success story. We take our culture and people very seriously.

What are the problems we are trying to solve for?

Our System Admin is moving up to our Sales team so we need someone awesome with cloud expertise to take his place. Someone who can proactively work out glitches, and actively – instantly – respond to issues both with our internal systems and with our international clients’ infrastructure.

What We’re Looking For

We are looking for someone with their head in the Cloud and their feet on the ground. Someone who is genuinely excited about pushing technology to it’s limits and excited about Wayfinding. We need an experienced System Administrator to manage our in house IT as well as our clients’ Azure-based infrastructure. This is an incredible opportunity to join a young company that is growing lightening fast. We want someone who is willing to do whatever it takes, and considers their title a suggestion not a limitation. In fact, we’d prefer it if you didn’t look at your job description and just blew us away with your knowledge, initiative, and Escape Room tactics. Our System Admin aka our 911 first responder, will be dealing with live production servers, and must be willing to get things done outside of regular working hours.

What you’ll do:

Be our first responder. Whether it’s a glitch in our servers or the Azure-based infrastructure for a client on the other side of the world, you will be the first person on-site or online to start breaking down the problem and building the solution.

Enjoy the chaos. We are a start-up. A highly successful, incredibly busy start-up. And with that comes the need to jump from one task to another, to re-prioritize, to contribute where needed, and collaborate at all times. We might not have all of the standards and processes in place but we have the passion and the energy – you need to have it too!

Wear a lot of hats. One of them might be a hard hat to help us with our physical move to a hip new ‘hood’ by the New Year. And the servers need to come with us.

Be passionate about new tech. We are constantly evolving and improving. We want someone who loves researching ideas and new tech. Someone who wants to solve the problems and improve the system in new and creative - stable –ways.

Show us you are awesome! We have an opening for this role because our System Administrator of less than a year has been promoted. Our culture, our belief, is to make space for anyone that wants to grow with us.

What you’ll have:

A Computer Science degree. Or not. But either way, you’ll need to blow us away with hard examples of your 6+ years hands-on infrastructure and server configuration experience.
A virtual mountain of Microsoft Azure (or other cloud) knowledge.
2+years using the following technologies:
High availability/load balancing
Windows Server 2008R2/2012R2
We’d be really impressed if you had any of this optional knowledge: Automation (Chef, Puppet); Orchestration; AppDynamics

Top three skills we are looking for:

Articulate: We need someone who is not just the best source of technical support there is, but someone who can share that knowledge. Our new System Administrator needs to be able to explain their train of thought, their processes, solutions, and recommendations. And generally communicate clearly with us, and our clients.

Accountability: We need someone who wants to step up to the plate. There is a lot riding on our System Administrator – pretty much our ability to work as individuals, function as a company, impress our clients, and keep them up and running. Our new team member needs to want that challenge and responsibility.

Awesomeness: We need someone who gets it, who believes in it, and who enjoys sharing the love, or just the plan. Our team is super smart and resourceful, and together we can only go up. And out. Sometimes we go out, we escape mystery rooms, rock the Halloween party or just partake in the odd pint.

Why should you join Jibestream?

We are a winning team: Why join anything but the winning team? World-class clients such as Mall of the Emirates, the Pentagon, US Army Hospitals have selected us and a bunch of other’s that we can’t tell you the name of until you sign an NDA! Last year we grew exponentially and it’s looking even bigger this year.

Culture & Team: We never stop recruiting the best people in the market because without an amazing team nothing is possible. People at Jibestream are cool, smart and know how to get things done like nobody else.

Learn & Grow: There are no lifetime careers anymore in the tech world. Our goal is to keep you as long as we can by creating an environment where you will grow both personally and professionally. It’s a very challenging environment but you will definitely leave Jibestream with some new skills and great experiences.

What’s the downside?

We are pretty self-aware as a company and know the points where we can do better…here they are:

Office Space: We are not your post and beam style office…we don’t even have a Ping-Pong table! The space is a bit dated and could use some improvements. We have a committee working on it and although it may not ever be Liberty village style, we think it will be pretty good. We do take our coffee and team parties pretty seriously so at least we have those parts right.

Location: We are located at Downsview Subway station at Allen Road and Sheppard, making us equally inconvenient for everyone! Good news is that we are on the subway, close to the 407 and 401. Even better news is that we are moving! To a hipper and more central space.

Process: The company is growing really fast in all aspects, which is great. The hard part is that we don’t have all the processes of a big company in place yet. We are counting on our people to help create that process and adjust quickly as we grow.

If you are awesome and want to join a larger group of awesome people, please click on the link to apply. We can’t promise it will be a fit but we do promise to consider your creds. We're growing quickly and you never know when the next opportunity will come up so follow us on Twitter @Jibestream or check out our careers page.

Date Posted:
Aug 27, 2015 9:56 AM PDT

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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