UX Designer

UX Designer

Who we are:

At Jibestream, we have a platform that helps our customers improve people’s ‘Experience of Place’. We do this by enabling them to provide people with the most up-to-date and relevant information based on where they are and where they are going. Today, it’s all about the mobile device, being location-aware, and killer business rules that keep us the best at what we do.

We have graduated from a fast growing start up to playing in the big leagues with rapid global expansion. The pipeline is strong and is comprised of Tier 1 companies looking to deploy across entire networks; the product is the best in the market. Now all we need to win is to continue growing our A team. Traction and product can be developed – finding amazing people is the single hardest part of building a success story. We take our culture and our people very seriously.

What problem are we trying to solve with this role?

Our platform is unlike anything else in the world, and it is continuously evolving. With constantly changing physical spaces, and ongoing implementations, there is new work to be done to engage and delight the end-user.

To solve this problem, we need a UX Designer who can keep up with the pace, set the bar high, and reach beyond it. Someone who is looking to step up into a lead role, and who can: lead a team to elevate our product, contribute designs that meet functional requirements, and define design principles and guidelines for UX delivery.

What we are looking for:

We need a UX Designer who wants to design interactive web applications for our end users. Someone who has the creativity of a UI designer, but who lives in the customer’s head...or maybe their fingers. We want someone with natural leadership skills and great mentoring instincts honed at school on a project or team. Someone who can build a team, teach best practices, and inspire great designs. A UX Designer who wants to drive the direction of our platform’s look and feel. A UX Designer who thrives in a collaborative environment and truly understands responsive, forward-thinking human experience. Someone looking for a challenge in a dynamic environment.

And here's what you are looking for:

● A leadership opportunity. This is a chance to prove you are ready to take your small project or unofficial team lead role - from school or work - to the next level. A place to champion user-centered design principles to strengthen our product.
● A chance to apply your awesome Escape Room skills to the real world. You want to apply your unique brand of puzzle solving and strategic thinking to spatial navigation problems for our clients. And winning the next team vs. team escape room challenge we go to.
● A place to raise your security clearance. While we can’t promise that, we can tell you, we created the indoor mapping for the Pentagon. You never know who’s next.

We need a UX Designer who can:

● Design. You will apply your experience designing UX to design intuitive interfaces, logical task work flows, and responsive layouts.
● Create. You will create wireframes, storyboards, user flows, process flows and site maps to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas.
● Defend. You will present and defend designs and key milestone deliverables to peers and executive level stakeholders.
● Test. You will coordinate end user testing, gathering feedback and applying changes as necessary.
● Champion. You will be the end user champion, focusing on optimizing how our clients and their end users experience our products.
● Get it done. You will execute all stages of visual design. From converting business ideas to functional design. From concept to final hand-off to engineering.
● Collaborate. You will work closely with the product management and development teams to define and implement innovative solutions for the product direction, visuals and experience.
● Contribute. You will participate in brainstorming and planning meetings for new features and upgrades to existing features.
● Advocate. You will advocate for and deliver beautiful and intuitive designs that communicate clearly to users.
● Develop guidelines. You will research, establish and promote design guidelines and best practices.
● Lead. You will grow into a lead role to guide and build a team.

So, how do we know that's you?

● You care deeply about the end-result, and the end-user. You are motivated by creating an engaging experience.
● You are a highly driven and detailed-oriented designer with the ability to meet urgent deadlines and strategically plan and assign tasks to that effect.
● You learn fast and are interested in evolving your position without limits and boxes.
● You have a strong understanding of UI and software design skills.
● You are analytical and can perform business requirements analysis measured against what is possible from a design perspective.
● You have 1-3 years hands on experience as a UX designer. From creating wireframes and prototypes to visual designs based on customer, or academic project requirements.
● You are open-minded, creative, and flexible.
● You have a post-secondary degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Systems Design, Human Computer Interaction or a related post-secondary Degree.
● You have officially or unofficially lead a team or project at school or work. And you have a team building leadership motto we can get behind. Communicate. Advocate. Innovate. These are the three guiding principles of how you inspire lead a team:
○ You ensure open communication and influence change.
○ You advocate for realistic process and design applications.
○ You innovate exciting solutions alongside your team.

Here are the top 3 skills you need to succeed as our new UX Designer:

Evangelism: You can justify your designs, and gain followers of your style, with user testing, and leveraging common design patterns. We work on screens both small and large, so like your designs you should be responsive to changes (bad pun…I know).

Collaboration: Our office concept is open and so are our minds (See what we did there?). We all like to build cool stuff, and want to make sure the environment is filled with people who want to do the same.

Passion: You love what you do and you work hard to be the best. We do too. We are pushing the boundaries of technology every day, and that’s what keeps us motivated...that, and the coffee.

Why should you join Jibestream?

We are a winning team: World-class clients such as Westfield, General Growth Properties, the Pentagon, and US Army Hospitals have selected us and a bunch of others that we can’t tell you the name of until you sign an NDA! Last year we grew exponentially and it’s looking even bigger this year.

Culture & Team: We never stop recruiting the best people in the market because without an amazing team nothing is possible. People at Jibestream are cool, smart and know how to get things done like nobody else.

Learn & Grow: There are no lifetime careers anymore in the tech world. Our goal is to keep you as long as we can by creating an environment where you will grow both personally and professionally. It’s a very challenging environment but you will definitely leave Jibestream with some new skills and great experiences.

What's the downside?

We are pretty self-aware as a company and know the points where we can do better…here they are:

● Tough challenges ahead: We are in the process of transitioning from a company delivering a lot of Professional Services to a Product company. Let’s face it; it’s easier to sell when you can tell the customer that each job can be customized to suit their exact needs. We now have a robust and scalable platform that has defined features and functionality and we are very disciplined on what changes get made to the platform. This is the key to our success and our ability to scale but there will be short-term challenges in making this transition.
● Process: The company is growing really fast in all aspects, which is great. The hard part is that we don’t have the process of a big company in place yet. We are counting on our people to help create that process and adjust quickly as we grow.

Join Us

If you are awesome and want to join a larger group of awesome people, please apply. We can’t promise it will be a fit but we do promise to consider your creds. We're growing quickly and you never know when the next opportunity will come up so follow us on Facebook or Twitter @Jibestream.

Jibestream welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.

Date Posted:
May 4, 2016 9:12 PM PDT

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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