VP Business Development

VP Business Development

Who we are:

At Jibestream, we have an indoor mapping engine that helps our customers improve people’s Experience of Place. We do this by enabling them to provide people with the most up-to-date and relevant information based on where they are and where they are going. Today, it’s all about the mobile device, being location-aware, and killer business rules that keep us the best at what we do.

We have graduated from a fast growing start up to playing in the big leagues with rapid expansion. The pipeline is strong and is comprised of Tier 1 companies looking to deploy across entire networks; the product is the best in the market. Now all we need to win is to continue growing our A team. Traction and product can be developed – finding amazing people is the single hardest part of building a success story. We take our culture and our people very seriously.

What problem are we trying to solve with this role:

We now understand who exactly we are in the market, our product strengths, and how we want to scale the business to mass market. We need an experienced business development leader that can translate our vision into an executable channel marketing strategy. We want someone who wants to work outside the typical direct sales and sales management parameters and focus on channel building. Someone who can communicate our value proposition to Value Added Resellers and channel partnerships in our existing verticals and identify attractive new verticals and partners. To solve this problem we need to find the best VP, Business Development and give them the sales reins to take our business to the next level.

What we are looking for:

We are seeking an experienced business development leader who knows how to scale an enterprise subscription based software company with flawless execution. The individual has deep software sales and channel sales experience, is a strategic planner, and an expert in creating a value proposition that speaks to potential customers. Someone who can understand and craft the direction for where we want to go next. Reporting to the CEO and based out of our Toronto office, the VP, Business Development will work collaboratively with our Sales, Marketing, Finance, R&D and Services teams to proactively grow the Jibestream footprint both direct and through the channel.

What you will do:

• Pull up a seat. You will have a seat - and a voice - at not just the senior leadership table but in board meetings too. Your involvement and strategy will directly impact the growth and success of our company.
• Strategize. You will identify and assess the market, our customers, partners and competitors to craft a strategic plan with our senior leadership team.
• Drive. You will drive software sales through channel building and partner management – ensuring our partners are educated, motivated and successful in selling to our end user customers.
• Create. You will develop, articulate and execute a channel sales strategy that continues to drive and support our growth goals. To be successful you have to be able to understand the ecosystem not just of what we do.
• Understand. You will be successful if you understand our technology, our partners and how it all comes together.
• Build. You will build our business by finding and nurturing new qualified partners and customers.
• Collaborate. It’s the only way we work at Jibestream. We won’t explain it here. You need to know how and to exemplify it daily.
• Close. You will use your experience in process building and complex problem solving combined with your winning attitude, A+ communication skills, and charismatic personality to win clients big and small.

What are the top 3 skills are we looking for?

Experience: We need someone who has been where we are now and has also been responsible for taking a software company into hyper growth. We are looking for someone who has a track record of building VAR and channel relationships and translating those into profitable and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Strategic: We need someone who will understand our business and can extrapolate our value proposition and look at the best channels to yield the highest distribution of our product.

Technical: We need a tech-savvy and articulate leader. Someone who can speak the language of senior technical buyers (CTOs and CIOs), without needing to bring in a technical resource early in the sales process.

Who are you?

In the last year we have doubled in size, and we are looking for a well-rounded VP, Business Development who wants to be a key contributor to our continued growth and success. Someone with a proven track record, of not just “been there, done that” but the pillars of strength and knowledge that comes from having successfully - and perhaps at times not so successfully - accelerated the growth, and reach of a tech company.

We want a VP Business Development with all of the negotiation, managerial, and consulting skills that comes naturally to a brilliant leader; and the natural listening instincts of a strong sales executive who can probe deeper, ask the right questions, and provide the perfect solutions. We want a VP, Business Development with the inside track to success in software sales. Someone who can set high targets and exceeds them every quarter. Someone who is ready to do what it takes to build our business as if it were their own.

Why should you join Jibestream:

We are a winning team. World-class clients such as Westfield, General Growth Properties, the Pentagon, US Army Hospitals have selected us and a bunch of others that we can’t tell you the name of until you sign an NDA! Last year we grew exponentially and it’s looking even bigger this year.

Culture & Team: We never stop recruiting the best people in the market because without an amazing team nothing is possible. People at Jibestream are cool, smart and know how to get things done like nobody else.

Learn & Grow: Our goal is to keep you fulfilled and challenged by creating an environment where you will grow both personally and professionally. It’s a very challenging environment but you will definitely come away from Jibestream with new skills and great experiences.

What's the downside:

We are pretty self-aware as a company and we know where we can do better:

Tough challenges ahead: We are in the process of transitioning from a company delivering a lot of Professional Services to a Product company. Let’s face it; it’s easier to sell when you can tell the customer that each job can be customized to suit their exact needs. We now have a robust and scalable platform that has defined features and functionality and we are very disciplined on what changes get made to the platform. This is the key to our success and our ability to scale but there will be short-term challenges in making this transition.

Process: The Company is growing really fast in all aspects, which is great. The hard part is that we don’t have the process of a big company in place yet. We are counting on our people to help create that process and adjust quickly as we grow.

Join us:

If you are awesome and want to join a larger group of awesome people, please click on the link and apply. We can’t promise it will be a fit but we do promise to consider your creds. We're growing quickly and you never know when the next opportunity will come up, so follow us on Twitter @Jibestream, join us on Facebook, or check out our careers page.

Date Posted:
Mar 11, 2016 1:11 PM PST

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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