Web Designer

Web Designer

Marketing.AI is a leading content marketing software known for its clean and easy-to-use interface that manages to take a lot of complexity and make it simple. As the product continues to grow in scope and our already fast release-cycle continues to speed up, it is creating the need to add to our web design team. We are looking for leaders who can help us to innovate and deliver the most intuitive marketing software product on the planet.

As a key leader in our collaborative engineering and design team, your role will involve:

• Creating fast mock-ups using a UI Kit as part of an Agile planning process.
• Collaborating on prototypes.
• Working on interaction schemes.
• Information visualization design / report design.
• Collaborative researching and testing of new front-end libraries.
• Working on UI in both Web and Mobile.
• Working with success team to configure UI for customers.
• Working in sprints to rapidly iterate designs for testing.
• Pitching in on graphic design work as needed for web and social image edits and creation, and call to action buttons, forms, landing pages etc.
• Pitching in on content audits, maintenance and optimizations.

The following key skills and experience will prepare you for success in this role:

• Impeccable English communication skills.
• Comfort working in a highly collaborative and transparent environment.
• Ability to iterate quickly in a repeatable process.
• High detail orientation.
• Advanced knowledge of information visualization theory and how to apply it in practice in a web application.
• Strong understanding of and appreciation for principles of gestalt.
• Comfort mocking up directly in html/css and showing mock-ups in the browser.
• Bachelor degree or higher in hci design, ux design, symbolic systems or other relevant discipline.

Date Posted:
Jul 8, 2015 10:27 AM PDT

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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