Web Developer

Web Developer

Are you interested in the future of online video?
Are you a developer that can use their skills to help inform company strategy?
Want to help tens of thousands of content creators?

BBTV’s the fastest growing multi-platform network on the planet, and there are a lot of exciting challenges ahead of us.Our team is composed of talented visual, UX, UI and motion designers, web developers and product managers; overseeing a portfolio of 10 lovely brands, their websites, social media and products.

Here's a bit about you, the candidate we would like to welcome in our team:

You think in experience
You understand that design and development needs to go hand in hand to provide an enjoyable experience, you’re always exploring new concepts, ideas and libraries to innovate and get that WOW effect.

Collaboration is in your toolbox
You know that great experiences don’t necessarily come out of Photoshop layers nor from a .js but out of collaboration. You understand that your work and ideas only get enhanced through input and feedback from your team.

You don’t code for food, you eat code for breakfast
You know that webdev is not just about making pretty things, but above all else it’s about solving problems and delivering value. You want to make an impact with your work. If you could retire comfortably today, you would still be developing and making stuff happen because you have the passion.

Some more formal bullet points about the ideal candidate for this position:

• You’re a HTML, CSS (LESS/Saas) and Javascript ninja
• You know the difference between responsive and adaptive, while mastering multi-screen development
• Ability to work independently while providing visibility to stakeholders
• You can effectively contribute to group creative projects
• You are open to receiving feedback and constantly strive to hone your craft and improve your skills
• You are a positive team player who shares our core values of creativity, drive, care and collaboration
• Your portfolio rocks (please submit it with your application)


• Minimum 2-3 years of experience in a front- end development role.
• Comfortable using Git for source control management is a plus.
• Knowing how to use Photoshop and Illustrator;, design skills are a plus
• Knowledgeable about cross-browser compatibility and diagnosing common pitfalls.
• Understanding of touch-based design and its implications.
• Interacting with RESTful APIs via Ajax and JSON is a huge plus.


• Collaborating with the design team to construct and implement BBTV's family of websites.
• Assisting in the development of reusable front-end tools and libraries.
• Collaborating with designers and clients to prepare wireframes, mockups and prototypes of the company’s websites.

Date Posted:
Dec 1, 2015 1:30 AM PST

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

BroadbandTV (BBTV) is a fast-paced media & technology company located at Hornby & Robson in the heart of downtown Vancouver, BC. BBTV drives proven success for content owners, advertisers and creators alike in a new online entertainment sphere. We are currently experiencing rapid growth and have been recognized as The Most Innovative Company in BC, as well as one of Canada’s Top Digital Media... more