Web Developer

Web Developer

Pixel Union is looking for a web developer to join our team in Victoria or Vancouver B.C. We’re a small team, dedicated to refining the experience of prefabricated design on the web. We’re looking for a core member that wants to help customers bring their vision to reality.

What we’re looking for:

• You need to love what you do and be excited to keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest techniques.
• The ideal candidate has 3 to 5 years of hands on experience in the development space coupled with a solid understanding of core programming concepts, theories and patterns, and the ability to apply the correct ones to a given problem.
• You have experience with the Shopify platform and have worked with Liquid and Timber.
• You aren’t afraid of Coffeescript or Sass and possess exceptional HTML5 and CSS3 skills
• Solid knowledge of Javascript, jQuery and using Ajax to create interactive user interfaces
• You’re comfortable with Photoshop and Sketch.
• We prefer people who also have experience outside of development so you can bring perspective to your work; an understanding of how real people use technology.

What you’ll be doing:

• Collaborating closely with other developers and designers building theme products for a variety of platforms (Tumblr, Wordpress, Shopify, Ghost etc.).
• Managing and refining our back catalogue — squashing bugs, adding features, making the user experience better.
• Creating tools to make everyone’s, including your own, job easier.
• Determining appropriate architecture, and other technical solutions, and making relevant recommendations
• Communicating any progress and/or delays efficiently and accurately

What we offer:

• Exciting work. The White House, MoMa and Yale all use our themes. You’ll be working on products that people know and love.
• Flexible work. We don’t want you to get burnt out or bored. We’re happy to shuffle you around production lines every now and then to mix things up.
• Flexible work hours. It’s all about maintaining quality and knocking off deadlines.
• Unlimited vacation time. We want you to be doing the best work of your life. That means managing burn out and taking some time to develop yourself culturally.

Send us:

• A brief introduction without any jargon or cover letter awkwardness.
• Resume in MS Word or PDF Format.
• Work samples.

Send the team an email at people@pixelunion.net Thanks for reading!

Date Posted:
Apr 22, 2015 5:08 PM PDT

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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