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Freedom and Entrepreneurship Critical for Economic Growth

The importance of economic freedom in fostering entrepreneurship and small business creation is clearly demonstrated by the sluggish economic recovery of the United States following the 2008 recession, concludes a new book jointly published today by the Fraser Institute and the Mercatus Institute in Virginia.

And this provides an important lesson for Canada.

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The Key to Creating Products People Love? Validation

Create products that people love by validating your idea first; then, keep validating.

The focus of our third class was on validating your idea and establishing your value proposition. For me, validating an idea never ends, and it’s something I feel really strongly about spending time and energy on at Ladies Learning Code.

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Endy Sleep Proves Mattresses Don’t Have to be Expensive

Mattresses are expensive. It’s one of those sad facts of life that most people accept and part of the reason why mattress shopping is so dreaded. But with the Internet leveling the playing field for retailers and consumers, it seems inevitable that mattresses would eventually become part of the range of products available cheaper online.

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Equity Crowdfunding: The Future of Fundraising in Canada

There’s a lot of hype around Equity Crowdfunding being “legal” in Canada, yet most ordinary Canadians seem to be very confused and unaware of what’s legal, what will become legal, when, and what this really means for Canadian entrepreneurs and investors.

Unlike regular crowdfunding (e.g. Kickstarter, Indiegogo) where you receive perks or rewards for the money you give, equity crowdfunding actually allows people to own a piece of the businesses they help finance.

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