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The Impact of Smartphones and Social Media on Our Ability to Make and Keep Plans

Initial planning or planning ahead means nothing anymore. Scheduling events and then adjusting them as the date approaches have always been common, but it has become so convenient that all the communication leading up to the big date does not even really matter. With a click of a button—without an excuse or a doctor’s note—we can bail thanks to the flexibility liberated by technology and the flakiness of the new generation. 

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US Tech Giants Landing in Canada Aren’t All They’re Cracked up to Be

In March Facebook announced plans to set up shop in Vancouver.

The world’s largest social network sought up to 150 staff, mostly software-engineer graduates, to work at its new office, which will serve as a boot camp to train potential full-time employees.

Less than three months later, social-media heavyweight Twitter revealed similar plans by posting job listings for its “centre of excellence” to be housed in Vancouver.

Both announcements sent waves through the city’s technology community, but will Vancouver truly feel any positive ripple effects from these quasi-offices?

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