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Are Canadian Startup Hotspots Vulnerable to the Culture Wars Silicon Valley is Now Enduring?

Tensions are rising in San Francisco, where a great divide has grown between the well-paid tech workers and those who suddenly can't afford to live in their own city (think protesters attempting to tip over Google buses that transport engineers from downtown to Silicon Valley). Are these so-called "culture wars" something that could happen to Vanouver as well?

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Google Becoming Irrelevant: Social Search to Own 70% of Searching by 2013

Google’s search marketing services may be becoming irrelevant due to the rise of social search. That’s in addition to a failure to recognize that Google+ cannot be the sole solution to social search with an always increasing number of web properties.

Info-Tech Research Group expects that Google, which held 90% of the search market in 2010, will only hold 30% in 2013, due to the rising impact of social search. Most major research companies have struggled to recognize this as they measure search market share by search engine rather than the whole search paradigm.

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