Hackathon Focuses on Fashion-Forward Wearables

On Sunday, the final day of the Fashion Zone Hack’N’Talk, at least nine groups who spent an entire weekend building wearable technology that was both innovative and fashionable got the chance to present before Feedback Experts, who used their expertise to help the groups hone their craft.

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Dooo Platform Helps Employees Stay Healthy

When corporate wellness firm myHealthSphere launched their Dooo office health and wellness platform in December of last year, CEO Jane Wang always knew she wanted to launch a mobile app to go with it. But because their pilot back in June saw 85 per cent of their six companies and 200 users accessing the program through their desktop app, Wang figured that they should perfect that first.

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Mark MacLeod Launches SurePath Capital Partners

Since 1999 Mark MacLeod has been helping fund, grow and exit venture-backed startups.

He's spent time as a CFO for companies such as FreshBooks, Shopify, and Tungle. He's spent time as a Venture Captialist with Real Ventures where he led investments in a number of SaaS and e-commerce companies including Unbounce and Frank & Oak.

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Oil Prices Create Opportunities for Alberta Tech Community

Ask anyone in Alberta about the current oil prices and many of them will say the same thing: “We’ve been here before.”

As changing oil prices are causing a ripple effect throughout the industry, from upstream to downstream and out to service providers, other industries in Alberta also feel the effects – that includes the tech sector.

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Lynk App Encrypts Your Smartphone Data to Defend Against Identity Theft

When Vincent Ramoutar’s daughter was going to medical school two and a half years ago, he wired her some cash, as many parents do, which she accessed using her TD Bank mobile app.

An hour later, she got an email from TD saying that she needed to verify her account details. Little did she know that this was actual a phishing scam, and the $200 she received from her parents was taken out of her account.

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