This Year’s Craziest Excuses for Calling in Sick to Work

From claiming they need the day to fix some botched plastic surgery to saying they accidentally got on a plane, North America’s workers have either had some sitcom-worthy misadventures this year, or they’ve simply gotten more creative with their sick day excuses.

A new CareerBuilder survey this week looked at how many workers have faked being sick this year, as well as some of the strangest excuses they’ve used while doing so.

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Why Uber Should Have Launched in Vancouver First

In the fight of the global cities, it is known that Toronto competes with Chicago and New York to be the center of the universe, Montreal ambitions to be like Paris and London as capital of culture and arts, and Vancouver races with San Francisco and Seattle to be a beacon of all things technology and green.

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Jostle Raises $2 Million

Jostle has raised $2 million.

The Vancouver-based startup raised the capital from a group of undisclosed angel investors. The round brings the Canadian company's total funds raised to $6.6 million—none of which came from venture capital firms.

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