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How to Hire for a Startup

As part of the founding team of a startup, I’ve seen our company RateHub grow over the last six years from three people to around 40 today. We’ve had our fair share of hiring growing pains, but we’ve learned a lot along the way and have honed in on what works for this type of company.

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Spring Launches Global Startup School to Establish Vancouver as Hub of International Entrepreneurship

 Nearly four years ago, when Marc Andreesen opined that “software is eating the world," it was based on the observation that virtually all industries stood to be disrupted by software developed by Silicon Valley startups.

Fast-forward, and today that mantra for disruption has permeated cities and countries; in fact, nations of people are driving innovation and establishing entrepreneurial ecosystems globally challenging a range of business models. While  Mr. Andreesen may not have intended for his posturing to become one of the most quoted observations of the startup community, it is truer today than ever before.

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On-Demand Food Delivery Startup Feast Expands

Feast, a Toronto based on-demand food company that delivers meals, has launched a dinner service, Android application and web ordering.

The service area has expanded as well, extending to Dufferin Street to service the downtown West end including Liberty Village. To date, the service has been available for lunch on Apple iOS devices.

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