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Take Heed: Here's How Any Old Office Job Can Shorten Your Lifespan

As we transitioned from factory and farming jobs to knowledge work in cubicle labyrinths, we'd like to think we did away with much of the danger associated with work. No one in a desk job was ever obliterated by an out-of-control wheat thresher or stirred into a giant vat of boiling industrial cleaning product. The sense of security we have in our safe and sanitized office jobs is misplaced, however.

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Survey says Canadian Small Businesses Not CASL-Ready

New survey data from Constant Contact reveals that the majority of Canadian small businesses do not fully understand Canada’s long-anticipated Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) which came into effect on Canada Day.

According to Constant Contact less than half of Canadian small businesses (42 percent) feel they understand how to be CASL compliant.

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Internet of Things Poised to Create Entirely New Business Models in Canada

The "Internet of Things" presents a massive opportunity that Canadian businesses have yet to capitalize upon, according to a Telus-commissioned IDC survey released this week.

The survey, which examined the current state of IoT deployments in Canada, found that only 6 per cent of Canadian businesses have implemented an IoT solution, and that another 7 per cent are preparing to deploy in 2014.

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