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CMF and Canadian Trade Commissioner Service Collaborate on Accelerators

The Canada Media Fund has entered into an agreement with the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service to further support digital media productions funded through the CMF’s Experimental Stream by providing access to the TCS’s Canadian Technology Accelerator program.

This agreement will allow eligible projects to achieve greater exposure, raise venture funding, access mentoring and develop new business opportunities.

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Three Things Entrepreneurs Should Think About if They Want Media Coverage for Their Startups

The Vancouver tech scene has blossomed mightily over the past two years.

It's been my privilege to share its stories here on Techvibes. I've learned a lot about the business of journalism. There are tricks to this trade, like any other. Knowing the questions to ask is half the battle—knowing the questions you can't is the other. Unlike other trades, which depend on mastery of tools and inanimate materials, journalism depends on teamwork.

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InvestNextDoor a 'Crowdlending' Platform That Won't Let Antiquated Canadian Laws Slow It Down

Crowdfunding has become part of standard operating procedure for entrepreneurs in the 21st century.

But crowdlending has proven elusive in Canada, thanks to an interprovincial power struggle regarding the construction of a national securities regulator. That doesn't mean that Canadian minds aren't coming together to try to make crowdlending a reality. It just means they haven't been able to pull it off north of the 49th parallel.

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Montreal Vows to be an Open City, but What Exactly Does That Mean?

We often talk about openness on the web. In many ways, it has become an amorphous term behind which good intentions can thrive, even if the action required to sustain them goes missing.

Google’s Jonathan Rosenberg cites openness in technology as a Rashomon-like word: something that is painted as essential, but subjectively placed in the eyes of the beholder. In the movie Rashomon, four eyewitnesses conflict with one another over their account of the same event.

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