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How Dependent on Their Mobile Devices Have Canadians Become While Travelling?

Mobile devices effectively serve as a concierge, guide and companion for travellers, who rely on smartphones and other mobile devices at every stage.

According to the 2014 Expedia/Egencia Mobile Index, 94% of people bring at least one mobile device when they take personal vacations and 97% bring at least one device on business trips, revealing "the deep dependence modern travellers have on their mobile devices."

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Let Mark Zuckerberg Teach Your Kids to Code

Universities have been slow to catch on to almost everything born out of the Internet, including teaching students to code.

Worse, high schools have been even slower. And elementary schools don't even consider it. But why shouldn't coding be a staple taught alongside other elementary skills?

Salesforce tackled the topic today at Dreamforce. Hadi Partovi sat down with Re/code's Kara Swisher to discuss, his non-profit dedicated to growing computer science education and the Hour of Code.

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Justin Bieber Tops List of Most Dangerous Canadian Celebrities to Search Online

Jimmy Kimmel, comedian and late night host of Jimmy Kimmel Live, replaces Lily Collins as McAfee’s most dangerous celebrity to search for online.

For the eighth year in a row, McAfee researched popular culture’s most famous to reveal the riskiest personalities on the web. The McAfee Most Dangerous Celebrities study revealed that an eclectic mix of comedians and musicians are among the most dangerous.

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