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Nominations Open for the 2014 Canadian Startup Awards

The 2014 Canadian Startup Awards are here. Let's get nominating. Three years ago Techvibes lauched the Canadian Startup Awards. These annual awards have been a tremendous success: last year alone garnered more than 36,000 finalist votes in just two short weeks. The awards, a celebration of startups and technology in Canada,...

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Vidigami Raises $1.25 Million Seed Round to Provide Photo-Sharing Service for Schools

Vidigami has raised some seed funding.

The Vancouver-based startup closed a seed round of $1.25 million. The round was led by current investor Andrew Wright, managing director of Wright Ventures LLC, with participation from several others, including Aaron Rallo, former president of PNI Digital Media; James Fletcher, Director of Vision Critical; and Robert Cruickshank, chair of Canadian Accredited Independent Schools.

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Earth to Ontario: Life on MaRS is Not Sustainable



Earth to Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals: it’s time to get off MaRS and come back home.

Over 14 years of costly exploration into this mysterious entity, the province has spent nearly half a billion dollars. It turns out there hasn’t been too much life spotted around high-priced, empty real estate.

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